Universal and irreplaceable jacket sweater

One of the most universal things that there isin the wardrobe of almost every person, is a knitted sweatshirt. It is worn regardless of the age of both men and women, as a home suit or for convenience in the workplace. This thing won the leading position thanks to its cut, which provides maximum comfort during socks. And, of course, such a knitted sweatshirt is very pleasant to wear. The material from which it is sewn keeps heat and simultaneously lets in air, which is acceptable for hot days and for cold days.


Sweater functions

Most often, these things are present in the wardrobemen and women who prefer a sporty style in clothes. From knitwear can be sewn a turtleneck (it can be combined with any other outer clothing), sweatshirt (often serves as a jacket).

It is quite another matter - a knitted sweatshirt, tied upmanually or on the machine. Such things always look exquisite, original, and at the same time are warm and comfortable. In the history of needlework, an incredible array of designs has been developed, some of them considered masculine, others - exclusively intended for the fair sex. There are also universal patterns.

women's knitted sweatshirts

Features of women's sweatshirts

As a rule, women's knitted sweatshirtscharacterized by large viscous, the presence of patterns or even complex ornaments. This can be a hand-made thing - in this case it will look refined, or the factory blouse. The main attribute of such an element of the wardrobe is the split front part - it consists of two shelves. They can be connected by means of a lightning, a hook or buttons. A more original version - a jacket can be tied with a belt, tape and everything that designers can fancy.

Important style of such product: choose it is based on the characteristics of the figure. Slender girls can afford to wear and fitted models, and "bat", and raglan. Knitted sweaters for fat women should primarily hide the main drawbacks - lack of waist, broad shoulders and chest. Therefore, it is desirable to choose raglan, in which there will be no fitted silhouette. Also pay attention to the fact that such a thing should be made of light material - fine yarn, preferably of large mating.

knitted sweaters for full women

Men should also choose such things,focusing on the features of the structure of his body. A straight sweatshirt will look perfect on a slender guy with broad shoulders. The presence of the tummy can be hidden with a wide sleeve. But if you have narrow shoulders, then choose a jacket with shoulder pads.

Knitted things are unique in that they are wornregardless of the time of year and the weather. There are warm jackets, knitted from wool, and there are thin, ideal for a summer evening. Such products can be combined with tops, T-shirts, other blouses and blouses. They also look perfect in the ensemble and with a skirt, jeans, trousers and shorts. When choosing, do not forget to pay attention to the color. This thing you will wear often, so it should in all senses be yours: both in terms of style, and in terms of material, and in terms of shade.

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