We buy ourselves sneakers

Many, probably, had to notice the young people, shod in the middle between the sneakers and the usual shoes. And such shoes even seem to be extraordinarily comfortable.

First meeting

boots sneakers
The shoe has a name - boots-snickers. But it has nothing to do with sweets. Rather, to thieves. Indeed, this unusual "name" of the shoes was received because of its rubber sole, which softens the steps. The person seems to be stealing, and the word in English sounds like this: sneak.

"Cats" shoes originally belonged to the categoryexclusively sports. It is very appreciated by tennis players. But then the boots-snickers smoothly moved to the everyday wardrobe. They are comfortable, their soft and flexible sole will not make you feel tired from long walks with friends or loved ones. And it is more pleasant to run races in shopping centers.

In the process of adapting to the "unsportsmanlike" life of shoesslightly modified. The designers tried and released several fashionable variants at once. Here, and traditional models with a textile or leather upper. And models with a hidden platform. And boots-snickers, imitating classic shoes, but on a rubber "go."

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Boys and girls

Fashionable novelties fit perfectly both in the men's wardrobe and in the women's wardrobe.

Male variants are usually performed in morerestrained tones with a minimum of decorative details. The top can be textile, leather or suede. Since it is not difficult to find models designed for different seasons, a strong half of humanity can hardly get out of comfortable shoes even in winter, even in summer.

However, this statement applies to girls,who choose sneakers. Women's options also strike with their unprecedented variety. As an ornament in the course are thorns, rhinestones, metallized inserts. Those who can not step to step without heels, manufacturers offer high models with a hidden wedge. There are even Sneakers on the hairpin!

With what to wear?

Now let's think that out of our clotheswill make the perfect company shoes with a sporting past. The first thing that comes to mind is jeans. And also shirts, sweatshirts, swiss shots. These wardrobe items have firmly established themselves in the unisex category.

Men's models, reminiscent of the classic riding shoes, fit the britches of the chinos. The set can be supplemented with a shirt, polo shirt, jacket.

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To a skirt or a dress it is easy to pick up theboots-snickers. Photos in fashion magazines show how harmoniously close next to seemingly incompatible things - chiffon light pleated skirts, soft cashmere sweaters plus high suede "thieves".

Richly decorated models are ideal with evening sets and cocktail dresses.

Those who do not like risky mixes do notlose, if they combine a stylish new thing with leather leggings, trousers skinnie, shorts. In autumn, warm-weather boots-snickers are worn under a short coat or leather jacket.

Despite the real comfort that thesepolosportivnye shoes, still should not forget that doctors do not advise a long time to walk in shoes with a completely flat sole. To get around this ban, you can buy a special orthopedic footbed. And move on with an easy, noiseless step.

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