Timberlands are for women. With what to wear such shoes?

Timberlands are called very convenientWaterproof boots made of yellow leather on rubber ribbed soles. Initially, the shoes were made especially for American loggers, but later it was worn in everyday life. Today, these fashionable shoes are becoming more popular among the fair sex.

Timberlands female

What is the difference between female models?

In the classic version, this footwear representsa pair of demi-season shoes of yellow color on a thick, steady sole. They cover the ankle, so they are ideal for walking in wet autumn weather. Such shoes are not afraid of dirt and dampness. It is clear that the sizes of women's timbers differ from men's, and the shoes themselves look more elegant.

Modern manufacturers produce differentvariations of such shoes, so each young lady can easily find the right model. Today in the shops you can see not only classic ladies' timberlocks, but also sandals, moccasins, lace-up boots and high-heeled boots. More varied steel and shades of this shoe. In addition to the classic yellow boots, you can buy models of malachite, blue, pink and brown shades.

Timberland Women's Shoes

With what to wear women's timbrel boots in grunge style?

Things in this style are differentpracticality, comfort and simplicity of details. Therefore, they are in perfect harmony with the yellow boots. Modern women of fashion can wear women's timbers with torn and rubbed jeans. A perfect addition to this ensemble will be spacious sweaters with long stretched sleeves, T-shirts and shirts. Also, fashionable yellow shoes look good with skirts, which have an untreated hem hem. Do not be afraid to combine in one image absolutely incongruous details, because that is the essence of the grunge style. The only requirement that such "beggarly clothes" should meet is the purity and high quality of the material itself.

with which to wear timberland women's shoes

Timberland women and military style

This footwear is almost indispensable in creatingimage in this style. Usually it is preferred by courageous, daring and strong girls. In this case, women's timbrel boots can be worn with straight cotton pants or khaki mini skirts. An excellent addition to this ensemble will be gymnasts, T-shirts, jackets, as well as shirts with short and long sleeves. As additional accessories you can use massive belts made of genuine leather and sunglasses in an army style.

sizes of female timbers

With what else can you wear such shoes?

Those who want to look feminine and do not know, withthan to wear such shoes, you can recommend paying attention to leggings. In combination with them, the women's timbers will create an easy and at the same time a simple image, which can be supplemented with an original elegant top. Looks good leggings and shoes in combination with a complex multi-layer ensemble. Quite interesting and unusual look heavy rough shoes complete with a short jacket and dress, sewn from light flying fabric. To give the image a more classical look, you can choose the female timbers on high heels.

Looks great and the ensemble, consisting ofrough shoes, corset or golf, tight trousers and a fur sleeveless vest or waistcoat. This combination is suitable not only for everyday wear, but also for relaxing at a friendly party. Timberlands with a narrowed toe with high heels perfectly combined with skirts and pants in a classic style. Freshly look such shoes complete with skirts or dresses in the style of safari. In the winter cold to the timbers, you can pick up leggings, a warm volumetric knitted sweater and a coat or down jacket. In such clothes you can safely go for a walk on the snow-covered park. These boots look great with a short double. In this case, the addition to the image can be scarves, hats and mittens with the original stylish ornament of natural sheep wool. Also very interesting look timberlands with a black or gray coat slightly below the knee.

To give the image a greater femininity,can be supplemented with skillfully selected accessories. Actively use caps, scarves, neck scarves, gloves, bags and bracelets! To understand what the best look for timbers, do not be afraid to fantasize and experiment.

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