With what to wear ugg boots on a wedge

From season to season, fashion does not cease to amaze. What did not fit the legs of modern girls: boots and stockings, and shoes with heels, and rubber clogs, now it's time to try on the ugg boots on the wedge. Everyone has become accustomed to the classic version of this model of winter footwear. Uggs on flat soles have proved to be an indispensable thing in the cold and ice, when you need to shoe something comfortable and quickly run into the store. But that's hardly possible to meet them in a fashionable girl at a secular party or in a club. Therefore, designers of the brand New Look have developed such an exclusive, somewhat outrageous model, as ugg boots on a wedge or even on a heel.

ugg boots on the ashtray
They are now at the height of popularity, but do not rush to buy them. First you need to find out what they are better to wear.

Sports image

An excellent option for a winter walk will beugg boots. They are warm, comfortable, you can run and have fun. Perfect and thoughtful will look an image that combines dense knitted trousers or tight jeans, a bulky top and uggs on the wedge. As an outerwear suitable elongated down jacket, soft gloves to the elbows and a bag of black matte leather.

White Ugs

Really looks amazing in the dullautumn and winter time white shoes. It is able to refresh and make elegant any image. The white ugg boots on the Ash wedge will most successfully cope with such a role. In them you will look like a clean and unblemished person, and every walk will bring only positive emotions. White ugg boots are successfully combined with classic blue jeans and striped sweater, but try to avoid that the tone of the jumper matches the color of the shoes. A three-dimensional knitted scarf will make a correct conclusion to the image. If you need a bag, then give preference to a small sports option.

Uggs and glamor image

Among fashionistas there is an opinion that it is impossiblecreate a glamorous image with similar "felt boots". But especially brave designers recommend experimenting, arguing that the ugg boots on a wedge or heel will be a worthy addition to any evening dress.

uggs on a wedge
In addition, the legs in them will not get tired and do not sweat,even if you decide to dance the night away, as they are made of genuine leather and fur. Uggs will be in harmony with the image, if it includes dense dark leggings and a dress in the form of an elongated shirt. If you need visual accents, then they can be a brooch, bright buttons or a wide belt on the hips. You should prefer classical gold jewelry, and use a small clutch as a handbag.

Celebrities in the Ugs

Any Hollywood star, descending from the carpet, prefers evening dresses with a comfortable bow, combining jeans, a sweatshirt and ugg boots on a wedge.

ugg boots on a wedge
The photo clearly shows what kind ofharmonious combination. The most courageous and desperate housewife Jessica Parker with pleasure wears ugg boots with light chiffon dresses and voluminous baggy bag.

If desired, jeans can easily be replaced with leggings or sports pants. So love to experiment with their image of sexual beauties - Claudia Schiffer, Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan.

But outrageous preferences in clothes pushedBritney Spears and Kelly Osbourne wear ugg boots with a short skirt. By their deeds, they plunged many stylists into horror. Although these bold pop and rock divs had their followers in the form of Beyoncé Nous and Peris Hilton.

In conclusion, I want to say that the main thing -look not fashionable, but stylish and in harmony with yourself, because the fashion comes and goes, and the sense of style must always remain. Only you can determine what is best for you. But it is worth paying attention to the ugly on the wedge, which can become a worthy substitute for classic winter boots. With their help you will warm your feet in the cold, while remaining in an ideal, beautiful manner.

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