Stylish and comfortable models of nightgowns

A woman should look attractive in anyTimes of Day. Therefore, you should have a beautiful robe for going to sleep. Models of nightgowns are various. They differ in style, fabric, style. But first of all, this wardrobe should be comfortable and comfortable. After all, during sleep, nothing should disturb and distract. Showcases are full of all kinds of pajamas, nightgowns, dressing gowns, and it's so hard to make a choice ...

Excursion to the history

A nightgown appeared in the sight of womenonly in the fifteenth century. Until that time, ladies went to bed in their daily clothes or not at all. The first products were dimensionless, wide, hiding all the charms of the figure, and even cost a lot of money. Such luxury could afford only noble ladies. But over time, everything changed, tailors began to produce real masterpieces. By the nineteenth century, women had several shirts at once, different styles, colors and textures.

models of nightgowns

In the twentieth century, simple cottonoutfits for sleep. The classic nightgown has a straight cut, its length is below the knee, the fabric is natural, mostly monophonic. The neck and chest were trimmed with lace, such a shirt could be considered smart, for special occasions.

Fashion Pussy

Fashion changes at a frantic pace. Recently, at the height of popularity, shirts with bright prints are replaced by delicate lace shirts. Leopard night mini-dresses give way to colorful shirts on the floor. To pursue tendencies in this case there is no sense. Choose something that is comfortable and easy.

The models of baby's nightdresses differflirty and attractive style. This shirt tightly encircles the chest and sharply expands downwards. The length of such a product - a super mini, barely covers the buttocks. Excellent model for any season, pastel colors prevail, creating a gentle image.

Classics of the genre are long shirts. They make any woman a goddess. Such a product can be made from any fabric, playfully stream or resemble a bell. It emphasizes dignity and hides shortcomings, gives femininity and mystery.



Cotton shirts are an everyday thing. Their styles are simple, light colors or a small pattern prevail. In this shirt will not be hot in the heat and cold in the cold. But for special nights it is hardly suitable. In such a shirt it will be cozy, home-warm and comfortable!

It is better to acquire two variants of cottonshirts: short, sleeveless for the summer and long for the winter cold nights. They look simple, lace, guipure is rarely seen on such a thing. Decorate these shirts with unusual seams, folds, and assemblies. Have in the arsenal of this outfit is necessary, because in the sliding silk shirt do not experience such comfort. And care for these products is easy. Feel free to put a shirt in the washing machine, she's not afraid of anything! Will serve this garment for more than one year, without losing form and color.

silk shirt


For those who want to always lookstunningly, there is a silk shirt. Nobility and refinement of the fabric speak for themselves. And models simply amaze imagination: fitted, narrowed, with huge cutouts and cuts, with a smell, magnificent in the floor and short sexy. Fantasy is where to clear up. Being in the store, it is very difficult to make a choice. Each of the models is good. Long-legged beauties should stop their choice on the shortened narrow shirts. They will favorably emphasize the beauty of the feet, the subtlety of the waist, give the image of courage and emancipation. Most of the styles of such products resemble a combination.

The color scheme is bright and saturated in most cases. But there are also delicate shirts of milk, lemon, honey colors. Such tones are put to sleep, pacify.

Models of night shirts made of silk are designed for nightpredators, seducers and adventurers. They are usually decorated with lace, frills, rhinestones and embroidery. A girl who likes a silk cotton shirt, certainly not called a gray mouse. This outfit gives confidence, energizes, the woman feels attractive.

long shirts


Actual models of nightgowns sports plan. They remind a straight dress or a long T-shirt. Modern styles can boast a hood, culottes on the belt, bright prints with numbers, letters, logos of sports teams. They are usually made of natural fabrics. Flax is a favorite material of designers of such products. It has antiseptic properties, absorbs moisture, does not crumple.

The main "bearers" of these wonderful and comfortable shirts are young girls up to the age of twenty. They prefer comfort, but they do not intend to lag behind fashion either.


In a dream, people spend a third of their lives, soyou do not need to save on a nightgown. Go to sleep in a good mood and a beautiful shirt. Then the morning will be kind and cheerful. Do not forget about your own unique style, you can stick to it even in a dream!

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