Karolina Kurkova: biography, figure parameters and personal life (photo)

Many fashionrepresent their existence without any diet. Morning is replaced at night, the day goes by the day, months and years pass, and the top models all count calories and strictly maintain their already ideal weight. Everything, but not Karolina Kurkova. Photos of this long-legged blonde decorate the covers of more than fifty world publications. The girl is very popular. She is loved by fashion designers, stylists and the public. Pretty woman is the embodiment of style, beauty and grace.

karolina kurkova

The model by the nickname KK

One of the leading and highest paidtop models in the world - Carolina Kurkova. Biography of the beauty from the very childhood developed under a successful career star. She is one of the few who can harmoniously set life priorities, finding time for everything: for professional activities, hobbies and, of course, the family.

In the fashion world, few people do not know this charmingand a stylish beast, whose nickname is KK (Koka-Kola, Kay-Kay and Kinka). Seven years ago, Karolina Kurkova was recognized as the sexiest blonde in Europe. And exactly one year later, in 2008, the well-known TV channel E! made a similar rating. It was this awesome girl that led him, as one might already have guessed.

Where did the beauty career begin? How did she manage to achieve great success? Let's figure it out.

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Children's values

On the penultimate day of the February 1984 leap-dayyear in the provincial town of Decin, located in the north of the Czech Republic, the birth of Karolina Kurkova. Biography of the girl began her story in the family of a famous national basketball player and Slovene. When the baby was only three months old, her parents divorced. Mom decided to raise her daughter in solitude and since then has not married.

Swarthy skin, slim figure, blonde hair -this from childhood was different from their peers Carolina Kurkova. The growth of the model for today is 180.5 cm. This parameter was inherited from her father-athlete. It is noteworthy that all the virtues seemed to the girl to be shortcomings: she was ashamed of her thin legs, of high stature. Peers teased her. The baby stooped and bent her head. Even on dates no one invited her. While all the girlfriends wore heels, she preferred comfortable sneakers and ballet shoes. And now, Carolina Kurkova wears shoes without lifting.

Caroline Kurkova biography

Path in the model

Increase self-confidence helped the girlgymnastics. Thanks to the sport, the figure of the beautiful woman acquired smooth feminine features. Now few people could say that Carolina is not beautiful. One of her few friends advised the girl to go through the casting for shooting in advertising. Previously, the Czech beauty sent her pictures to one of the best model agencies in Prague. Her photos pleased the organization's management, and the girl was invited to take pictures. Since that time, a model named Carolina Kurkova entered the advertising world. Photos of long-legged beauty still adorn the booklets and glossy pages of numerous publications.

From Italy to the USA

In 2000, a sixteen-year-old girl leavesThe capital of European fashion is Milan. Luck clearly favored the beauty. She immediately signs contracts with such famous Fashion Homes as Miu Miu and Prada. Without stopping and resting, Carolina Kurkova spent her whole year on the world podium. At seventeen, she moved to New York. It is worth noting that not only the attractive appearance became the foundation on which the career of the Czech woman is built. It is rational and easy to take all the criticisms. In addition, the girl from childhood brings up the confidence and desire to find a way out of any situation. It was these qualities, coupled with diligence, that made Carolina Kurkova the star of the fashion world. Soon she received a contract with the world's most popular brand of lingerie - Victoria's Secret.

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Shooting, participation in shows and other achievements

This was just the beginning of the dizzyingcareer of the Czech Pani. Then followed the shooting for Vogue. It is noteworthy that Karolina Kurkova is the youngest model ever to appear on the pages of the glossy edition.
From the moment of shooting for the first advertisement and up toToday a lot of time has passed. During this period the girl achieved a lot. She not only became the main "angel" for Victoria's Secret, but also collaborated with many fashionable Houses. Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent, Raph Lauren, Vera Wang, Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Hugo Boss, John Galliano, Valentino , Versace, Balenciaga - all these and many other brands invited to their shows bright and elegant Carolina.
After a while, the Slavic model bypasses its competitors at the Vogue Fashion Awards and becomes the model of the year. At the same time, it continues its cooperation with numerous brands.

carolina horn growth

Humanitarian activities and shooting in films

Karolina Kurkova is an ideal exampleharmonious combination of both external and internal beauty. In addition to working on advertising and fashion shows, the girl takes direct part in the projects of many humanitarian organizations, including The Beautiful Live Fund, Women Together, Free Arts, etc.
In 2006, the top model receives the award for the contributionin solving the problems of children and women. The same year is marked by another event: Caroline debuts as an actress. She is in the film "My Sexiest Year". As expected, the model coped with the duties assigned to it excellently. The success of the picture and the magnificent actor's data of the Czech beauty did not go unnoticed, and she was invited to the role in the picture "Chuck". In 2009, Caroline starred in the title role in the film "The Roll of Cobra", and two years later - in the film "In the Field of View."

karolina kurkova

Spirits and sprays from QC

Last year in the fashion world there was a seriescosmetic products, authored by Karolina Kurkova. Spirits, sprays, lotions and body gels were the result of fruitful cooperation of the model with the well-known international company LR Health & Beauty Systems. Novelties were appreciated by the public and critics. And, as a result, she became the nominee for the award of the prestigious Duftstar Awards in the category "Novelty."

karolina kurkova photo

Personal life

Carolina Kurkova continues to work as amodel, even though there is a family. In 2009, the girl acted in a new role for her - she became a mother. In one of the clinics in New York, Carolina gave birth to a son who was named Tobin Jack. The father of the baby is Kurkova's husband (at that time he was in the status of a civil spouse) - film producer Archi Drury.

Before giving birth, the model decided to abandonThe further career in favor of education of the beloved child. However, after a few months, Caroline Kurkova returned to the podium. Tight, slender and all the same attractive, she decorated the billboards Jean Paul Gaultier, Max Mara, Bottega Veneta. At the moment, the most outstanding beauty can envy the parameters of the model. With a weight of 58 kg and an increase of 180 cm, she has a hip size of 87 cm, a waist of 58 cm and a chest of 84 cm.

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