A long fashionable winter skirt in the floor: the best combinations, models and recommendations of stylists

Skirts - an integral part of the wardrobe of manywomen of fashion, and if a daring mini can afford not every woman, then from a luxurious maxi, sometimes it's simply impossible to refuse. Especially when it comes to the off-season or winter period.

Contrary to popular belief, ztheir skirts in the floor suitable for almost everyone, regardless of the growth, age and complexion of women. The only rule that you need to remember when buying - careful selection of the style and color of the skirt.

Long winter skirts in the floor types

Pencil skirt

One of the first such style introduced into his collectionfamous Christian Dior, and was not mistaken. Fashion designers around the world took this novelty with enthusiasm. Maxi pencil skirts are not suitable for hot days, but they are practically irreplaceable in the winter cold. Most often, these models are made of tweed, costume fabrics, knitwear and other dense material.

A pencil skirt is suitable for an office bow, howeverjust as effectively a knitted model will complement the everyday outfit. Picking up the appropriate top, in this skirt you can safely go to the evening rendezvous.

Stylists advise to combine maxi skirt-pencil with:

  • light blouses;
  • jackets in business style;
  • tops with a high throat;
  • three-dimensional blouses, jackets;
  • shoes will fit shoes, ankle boots, half-boots on a stud or heel (in some cases, a platform is allowed).


This style is a cross betweena pencil skirt and a flared model. The top of the year is straight, and the bottom is augmented with several inserts, which makes the skirt flared to the bottom. Inserts are made of the same material or different in color and texture (this can be leather, lace or any other material).

Models with a laconic design and traditional colors are suitable for the office. Any of the suggested by the designers winter skirts in the floor can be worn in everyday life. Well, and like any other maxi skirt, the year is just perfect for going out.

Stylists recommend using to create an image:

  • turtlenecks, tight tops and sweaters;
  • free pullovers;
  • bolero and small cloaks will help to add onions;
  • from footwear it is better to give preference to models with elements of classics (shoes, ankle boots, boots with heels).

Masked skirts maxi

Romantic girls can hardly miss this option. Moreover, a worthy offer is found absolutely for every young lady. Manufacturers of winter skirts in the floor offered several styles at once:

  • A-silhouette;
  • bell;
  • "Tatyanka" (on a coquette);
  • half-sun.

Winter long skirts in the floor

Softly falling creases will add a touch of tenderness to any bow. Designers and stylists warn that such species long winter skirts in the floor it is better to combine with the top of the figure. This eliminates the weighting of the silhouette. Depending on the style of the skirt, good companions will be:

  • tops supplemented by bolero;
  • turtlenecks and sweatshoes;
  • sleeveless jackets made of fur;
  • shortened jackets and jackets;
  • on your feet you can safely put on shoes, ankle boots, boots with or without heels (it all depends on the growth and preferences of women).


The skirt in the floor with a pleated pleat is one of the undeniable trends of this season. Unlike the summer models, winter long skirts in the floor They have stricter lines and are great for any occasion, be it an office environment, a walk or a friendly meeting in a cafe.

Many of the fair sexrefuse to buy a long skirt pleated, not knowing what to combine such a subject of the wardrobe. In fact, everything is much simpler. Pleated skirts make up a wonderful tandem with:

  • blouse (for refueling);
  • shortened jacket or fitted jacket;
  • a turtleneck, a sweater, a tight pullover;
  • park, over-the-top jacket.

Warm long winter skirt in the floor

Fabrics for warm skirts

For sewing warm long winter skirts in the floor natural and synthetic fabrics are used. Most often, manufacturers use mixed threads. This makes the product warm and at the same time practical (undemanding in care).

The most popular types of used fabrics:

  • Wool. Clothes made from pure wool are very warm, however, to the body it can be not very pleasant. That's why the composition usually contains additives. This option can be both fabric and knitted.
  • Manufacturers of winter skirts in the floor
    Tweed, corduroy. This is a great solution for warm skirts. The material has a relief original texture. The booked tweed will make a spectacular even the most concise model.
  • Leather. Maxi skirts made of this material look stylish and rich. Such a thing will necessarily adorn any wardrobe.
  • Denim. Jeans skirts are always in fashion. Moreover, they are exactly suitable for any occasion (the exception is, perhaps, the office dress code).
  • Bologna. Most often, quilted skirts are made of this material. It is a multi-layered warm material that reliably protects the female legs from the strongest colds and winds.


When choosing a maxi skirt, designers adviselisten to your own fantasies and preferences. So, fashion shows presented the world with dozens of options of actual colors, among which there is necessarily a suitable model.

Women who prefer classic outfits anddiscreet colors, will be able to choose black, steel, cream, beige, chocolate winter skirts in the floor. These shades are always in a trend and do not need special advertising. Any of these colors is neutral, so it blends well with most other colors and shades. Important is the fact that such a bow will be beneficial to look at both the young girl and the older woman.

Need a bright accent? A colored skirt in the floor will be a wonderful purchase. All shades of red, blue, yellow were at the peak of fashion in the summer season and smoothly flowed into the autumn and winter collections. In such a skirt, you simply can not go unnoticed, especially in the autumn and winter days, when the bulk of people prefer more reserved shades.

Winter skirt in the floor


Each long skirt made of high-qualityexpensive material, already in itself can be considered a real decoration, so in the additional decor does not need. However, the couturier offered a variety of solutions that can turn a normal wardrobe item into a real masterpiece. Decorate a skirt in the floor can:

  • insertion of lace;
  • asymmetrical cut;
  • flounces;
  • pleated with multi-colored inserts;
  • cuts;
  • fur inserts.

How to choose a maxi skirt?

With the help of such a detail of the wardrobe, you can skilfully disguise some of the shortcomings of the figure and focus on the advantages.

Criterias of choice:

  • High growth. For women who want to appear lower, stylists recommend choosing two-colored skirts (with a pattern or a wide horizontal strip at the bottom). This visually reduces growth.
  • Wide hips. Adjust this feature of the figure will help skirt maxi with high waist.
  • Wide shoulders. In order to balance the figure, it is worth buying a skirt with flounces and ruffles.
  • Custom figure. Spectacular winter skirts in the floor for full women - this model without pleating, flounces and a large pattern. Ageless classic - a monochrome skirt of discreet shades. With color options it's worth to be careful.

Winter skirt in the floor for fat women

Modern winter skirts in the floor - this is the original stylish models. Many women of fashion consider them a mast-hev thing in their wardrobe. Is it any wonder that this style allows a beautiful half of humanity to look fashionable and attractive even in frosts. At the same time, choosing a warm maxi model, you can be absolutely calm for your health and well-being. Well, it's not possible to choose a suitable model of labor, because manufacturers offer all new styles and colors in literally every new season. </ span </ p>

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