National clothes of the Slavs. A scroll is what?

In literary works, where it is describedlife and life of the Slavs, sometimes the word "scroll" appears. The inquisitive mind at once would be desirable to find out, about what there is a speech. A scroll is what? This is the name of a swinging outer garment, which is something middle between the caftan and the jacket. In a modern way, it could be renamed into a short coat. NV Gogol in "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" uses this word in the story "Sorochinskaya Fair". In the explanation, he calls her "semi-cloak".

Of what was the scroll sewn?

Traditionally, this wardrobe was sewn from homespun cloth. After all, in the cold season the person was warming the scroll. This dress was worn by both women and men.

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The homespun cloth is woolenor semi-material matter, the fibers of which are knocked together very firmly and densely. It looks like a felt. Such material keeps the heat well, it is soft and plastic. Modern descendants of cloth can be considered fabrics, which are spinning on apparatuses on the same principle: drape, bike, etc.

Scroll in modern fashion

In 2015, the world was struck by: Valentino presented at the Fashion Week in Paris a collection of dresses and costumes based on traditional Russian and Little Russian apparel. Among other things, there was also a replay for the modern motif of the scroll. This bright defile was appreciated by viewers from all over the world. So traditions come back in the form of new trends.

scroll is what

By the way, other items of the Old Slavic wardrobe also took part in this show: caftans, embroidered shirts and vests from sheep's skins.

Etymology of the word

Where did the word "scroll" come from? This concept was formed in the language of the Slavs. "Savita" translates as "clothes". There is another version. From the Church Slavonic ""- "canvas". The initial verbs that determine the action can be considered primordial. "Tweak", "weave" - ​​they were the prerequisite for the formation of this concept.

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