Bra "Angelica" - the very seduction and charm!

A bra is not just a varietywomen's underwear. This and the means of seduction, the opportunity to improve the visual shape, become more feminine, sexier, more attractive. Not without reason, the increased interest in this gizmo of a female toilet is shown not only by ladies, but also by men.

Classification of bras

bra angelica
Bra, he is also in the common people's bra,is the descendant of corsets, with the help of which fashionable women of previous centuries lifted their breasts so that it favorably protruded from the dress corsage. Already in the middle of the 19th century it was unfashionable to wear corsets, it is inconvenient because the styles of dresses have changed. So we came to the aid of lovely ladies with ingenious inventions, which we use to this day.

During its existence models of bras have undergone various changes, and today they are classified according to such features as functionality and external forms:

  • models of bras
    A classic bra. He has closed deep cups with a foam pad. It is equally good for all sizes of a breast - from small to the largest. The advantage of the model is a uniform distribution of the volume of the breast, providing good support and a correct, beautiful form. Such a bra can be with elegant lace inserts or made in everyday fashion, satin or of a more natural fabric, with and without bones, with seams or whole-cut, with removable shoulder straps, etc. It is perfect for any clothing, except for the style with bare shoulders and too frank neckline.
  • Bra "Angelica". In other words, it is called "balcony" or "balcony", and also "corbel". Perhaps, one of the most erotic and seductive models, though not suitable for all ladies. If a woman's breast is large, lush, from the "balcony" she can simply "run away", fall out. Well, and at the first size, the bra "Angelica" will not look, either. the fabric of his cups can not fit to the flesh, which will disturb the aesthetic appearance of the whole appearance. But the second and third size - just what you need for this style. Why? The upper part of the chest in this bra is open, only the lower one is covered. Cups with a foam pad or microfibre support the flesh and give it shape. They are attached to a tightly wrapped body strip of tissue. Bra "Angelica" lifts her chest and, as if in a balcony niche, expose her, adding volumes. The models are interesting, when the mammary glands are squeezed from the sides, thanks to this, they are even more protruding forward. Between them a seductive gullet is formed, which literally attracts to itself the male gaze. Of course, such a bra style is great for solemn, festive outfits, for open dresses or blouses with a wide neckline, tops and T-shirts. Especially advantageous bra "Angelica" with removable shoulder straps - it is worn for outfits with decollete shoulders. As an option - straps can be not made of fabric, but transparent substitutes. Since the "balconies", because of their design, are light, and they support the chest, distributing its weight evenly, such straps will cope with their function. But only the cut-out in the form of the Latin letter "V" under the "balcony" does not fit, another model is needed here.
    Types of bras
  • As close as possible to "Angelica" such speciesbras, as a "bracelet" and "mini" ("minimizer"). They are also very open, even more than the previous model, and are good for women with small breasts. They are well worn in the summer, in hot weather, as well as under ballroom or evening toilets. "Bracier", by the way, is ideal for small mammary glands, for example, for the first size.

In addition to the named, there are bra-transformers and"Bando", the so-called "invisible" and "second skin", bras for nursing women and others. It is important for women to have in their arsenal different versions and types of this underwear, competently matched to the features of their figure and the fashion of their wardrobe.

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