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For more than three decades, the jewelry house Pandorapleases women of the whole world with their unique and luxurious ornaments. During these many years, thousands of ladies have felt how these lovely and original things can improve mood, give joy.

pandora decoration
One of the most famous and most popularbrands, which produces exquisite jewelry and jewelry - Pandora. It began with a small store opened by jewelers - the couple Per and Winnie Enevoldsen. They sold jewelry and stones that they bought from Thai suppliers.

Five years later, their fate was reduced to designer MoonFransen (he works in the company until now). In 2000, Danish buyers first saw jewelry Pandora, when a small batch of original modular bracelets appeared on the shelves of stores, which later became a kind of business card of the company.

The founders of the jewelry house seta high one - to create unique ornaments that can express the individuality of each woman, emphasize her own, unique style. As the wife of Enevoldsen later recalled, they were stunned by the success of the first collection. The buyers of Denmark were delighted with the style of Pandora, the decorations were sold out in a matter of days.

It took no more than two months, and the issue of jewelry increased several times.

pandora jewelry
Jewelry house Pandora, whose jewelry has becometo enjoy incredible success, began to develop rapidly. Already in 2005, trying to meet the growing demand for their products, the Enevoldsen couple opens a six-story workshop in Bongokkoke. By the beginning of 2010 the number of employees of the company reaches 4000 people. By 2012, Pandora jewelry company sells in sixty-five countries around the world.

What is the secret of the popularity of productsthis company? First of all, this is a great creative work of the design team. Pandora - jewelry of the highest level of jewelry mastery. Designers fruitfully work on the creation of modern and stylish things that make every woman unique. Original ideas of talented designers are realized by jewelers of a high level of skill.

Another secret of Pandora: all the company's jewelry is made only from the highest quality raw materials. Gold and silver are adorned with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, onyx and other precious stones of various colors. In addition, high-tech Murano glass is used.

pandora ornaments
All created by masters Pandora ornaments -the creation of jewelry art. Each bracelet or pendant has its secret. Variability and noble radiance, secret magic, an exquisite play of color and light. Framed with silver of high quality, each suspension is a work of art.

Textile shoelaces and leather bracelets Pandoratreats a special compound, which protects them from wear and tear. In combination with gold or silver, such items become refined and refined.

The main difference between Pandora jewelry isthe woman's ability to form the chosen decoration. The company has become popular all over the world thanks to such modular solutions with replaceable pendants that can completely change the appearance of the product.

Assembling of Pandora jewelry is a fascinating activity. It never gets boring, I want to "create" again and again, change details, complement the decoration with new pendants.

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