Tattoo-charms: their meaning

In ancient times, apart from special protectivetalismans, people around the world used and tattoos - amulets, which, it was believed, not only shielded the bearer from the evil eye and intrigues of enemies, but were also a symbol of courage or growing up, and sometimes a sign of belonging to a particular social class of society.

tattoo amulets
Tattoos for this purpose should helpin life, protecting from every manifestation of evil and generously giving luck, love, happiness and health. The first protective tattoos were discovered in ancient Egypt. One of the female priestesses of the goddess Hathor named Amunet had a symbol of fertility on her belly, this information reached the contemporaries thanks to the beautifully preserved mummy of the priestess.

The relevance of tattoo-charms in modern reality

In our time, tattooed amulets are notonly a tribute to fashion, they really believe in their exceptional influence. But many carriers of such tattoos do not suspect what effect the chosen ward-tattoo can have. And the role is played not only by the chosen symbol, but also by the place where the drawing is made, and even the time of application. And how the influence of the amulet will manifest itself, by and large is unpredictable. Protecting tattoos do have an impact on the fate of their master, the only thing they can not change is the person's character, although individual qualities of the person can enhance or suppress. Drawing a symbol tattoo is like a lottery - it can be a big luck, from which a person will only win, but he can lose. Therefore, it makes sense to make a temporary tattoo to feel its influence and make sure that it will only be for the good.

It is extremely important to understand the meaning ofthe attracted symbol that you are about to inflict on the body. Correctly chosen symbol will become an effective talisman of protection and a magnet for luck, especially if its bearer believes in his magical action.

protective tattoos

The main tattoo amulets

Many people of the world butterfly is considered a symbolspirituality, rebirth. It is believed that the applied butterfly tattoo will save its owner from nervous disorders and depression. The snake protects from hypocrisy and lies, will make its carrier wiser. An excellent defender against the evil eye and spoilage will be a tattoo in the form of the Phoenix, because it symbolizes rebirth, eternal life. The wolf will help to find a way out of a difficult situation, to survive grief. If a man in the street wants to give his tattoo a religious or magical meaning, then one can put a passage, a phrase from the Bible or a mantra. Recently, special demand for and popularity of protective Japanese hieroglyphs, Celtic runes, Slavic amulets.

Slavic Tattoo Wards
Tattoos with Slavic symbols equallyare popular both among men and among charming representatives of the weaker sex. But it should be taken into account that the overwhelming majority of Slavic tattoos-amulets were applied to hidden parts of the body, inaccessible to the views of outsiders: on the ears, lower back and even on the soles of the feet. This indicates that the tattoo-amulet should be hidden from other people's eyes. In addition to these popular motifs, the author's tattoos are extremely popular, and sketches are created by masters who possess occult knowledge, who understand the history and culture of different peoples. But if the man in the street is guided only by the desire to decorate his body and does not believe in the magical nature and strength of the tattoo-amulet, then at least decorate yourself with holy symbols from head to foot - this will not help. Without faith, the picture will remain an ordinary tattoo.

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