Men's thong is beautiful and fashionable!

Once upon a time, almost all men wore familycowards - the so-called "parachutes". Those times have long since passed, and fashion, as you know, does not stand still. Now not only the fair sex prefer "mini panties", but the guys increasingly began to buy themselves men's thongs. Many girls like these novelties, although some are just delighted with such things.

men's thong
So, what is this after all the clothes? Men's thongs are a kind of swimming trunks with open buttocks. They consist of a narrow belt, a thin ribbon and a strip of fabric. The ribbon hides between the buttocks, thereby leaving them open. "String" in English means "ribbon". Men's thongs are considered to be the sexiest and erotic subject of a young man's underwear.

In the nineteen eightieth year such cowardshave become widespread in Europe and the United States of America, but were originally used only as an attribute of show business (for performances). Now they can be seen in almost every wardrobe of a man or a woman.

men's thongs
When a guy first tries on himselfcan feel a little discomfort. But this should be treated with patience and understanding, because it is correctly said that beauty requires sacrifice. You are the owner of a muscular, relief, tanned body and, of course, buttocks, then just imagine how the men's thongs will accentuate your gorgeous figure.

In the cold months of the year, they are comfortable under a warm,tight clothing, and in summer are almost invisible under thin, light trousers or shorts. Now there are many kinds of such things on the market: everyday thong-panties, sports and romantic.

On some models, the back part is made in the form of a triangle (sometimes empty), there is an option where there are no elastic bands on the sides, panties hold due to its original design.

Micro Thongs

Such clothing occupies a separate niche inerotic underwear. Sexy micro-thong is the choice of a confident man. Do not be complex and shy, because you need to experiment. Only in this way you will not remain unnoticed on the beach even by the most fastidious girls. With the help of such "ropes" you create the illusion that you have nothing on you. Similar underwear is an ideal option for beaches, sunbeds and romantic dates.

Have you decided to buy men's thong? Then we advise you to thoroughly approach the choice of this underwear. It is worth paying attention not only to the style, but also to the material from which they are made. Because of poor-quality fabric, cowards can rub and bring discomfort. Also, preference should be given to world famous brands, in which case one can be sure that the material will be of high quality, anti-allergenic and safe in all weather conditions. Even if it rains on the street, you will feel comfortable.

The most popular brands for todaymen's underwear are Calvin Klein, YAX, Charmante, Bruno Banani and DIESEL. Panties of these brands will satisfy the exquisite tastes of any, even the most capricious, young man.

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