Elegant bags Dissona

A quality handbag is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a small dressing room for any girl. In this small but capacious accessory is a reflection of the inner world of every woman.

bags Dissona
This is a functional and harmonious addition to any image. No woman, whether she is a business lady, a glamorous person or a housewife, can not do without this main accessory.

According to the contents of a women's bag, psychologistseasily draw a portrait of its owner. Appearance and size can tell a lot about each woman. You need to be able to decipher the language of female tricks. Dissona's quality, trendy, individual bags perfectly match your taste. Elegant accessories of this brand give courage and confidence to the image. And thanks to the variety of choice, everyone will find a handbag to their liking.

Empire Dissona

The history of the trademark began in romantic Italy, in the beautiful city of Milan, 40 years ago (1968). It was there that was open

Dissona bags

the first shop for the production of leather goods. Dissona bags were very popular and popular, as they were made of natural materials. Professional masters worked hard to ensure that leather products meet high quality.

As a result, all efforts were not in vain, andThe bags of Dissona began to appear far beyond Milan. After several years, the company significantly expanded the range of products, as well as increased the number of stores. The fashion designer Miguel Iuiggi joined the retail chain and created an innovative collection of women's accessories, and the company managed to reach the world level.

Again and again, the brand developed more and more exclusive collections, not similar to the previous ones. Dissona bags were made of soft genuine leather of high quality, characterized by durability, durability, unique design and functionality. Already in 1991, the brand was recognized as a world leader.

To date, production inmany countries of the world. The company has opened many branded salons of the Dissona brand in Australia, Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Bags can deliver to any region, you do not need to go to another country, just go to the company's website and choose the right option.

Designer collection

Dyson bags

Like any self-respecting brand, the companytwice a year, presents its fashion lines: autumn-winter, spring-summer. Summer collections are characterized by juiciness of colors, elegance, refinement, they ideally complete a romantic image. Autumn-winter models are made in a strict classical solution, white, brown, black shades predominate in the color palette.

Disson bags are a sample of elegance andexquisite style. Nappa, embossing, original weaving, juicy drawings, inserts from different materials - all this high-quality Italian furniture, which is so famous for the brand. All ornaments and draperies are designed in the form of decorative elements and are given special attention.

Compact backpacks, elegant clutches, fashionableHandbags on the chain are presented in the collection of this brand. A diverse and large line of products is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and demanding customers. Periodically, the company holds promotions and sales, where every woman will be able to buy high-quality products at a very favorable price. Pleasure yourself with pleasant surprises, rest assured of your own attractiveness and self-sufficiency.

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