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Cap Ralph Lauren - the famous headdress witha story that began decades ago, when it was unseemly for men to walk with their heads uncovered. Everyone chose the most suitable model for themselves. Gentlemen wore hats, but the working class preferred caps. And this is not surprising, because such hats are very comfortable to wear and clean. Huge popularity at that time acquired eight-klinka. Over time, there were new models.

Cap Ralph Lauren or baseball cap?

So, more in detail. Most people can not tell a cap from a baseball cap. In fact, there are differences. A baseball cap appeared in the world of fashion from sports. Cap was created as a working or military element of overalls. Over time, both accessories merged into one, which became a modern baseball cap. Ralph Lauren cap is not just a convenient accessory, it's a stylish and stylish thing. Knowingly Ralf became the first official designer in the history of the Wimbledon tournament.

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Fashionable and practical

Cap Ralph Lauren - stylish and bright headdress. The designer constantly develops new models. Sometimes not just original, but very unusual. For example, in one of the collections there were fashionable and elegant fur caps. They are not only beautiful, but also beautifully warmed in the cold season. In addition, the brand was presented and other original models made of unusual material or equipped with a plastic visor. But most importantly - the caps fit almost any top clothes. Although in combination with jackets this, of course, is the most advantageous option.

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Not so long ago, the brand resumed the release of cultheadgear of the nineties. In the modern market there was a cap Polo Ralph Lauren. This is a universal product, perfectly suited for men and women. And this is not only part of the image, but also a kind of recognition mark. Any model is decorated with an inscription or logo. Although over time, they were supplemented with images of cartoon characters, names of cities or musical groups.

Nevertheless, the new models are still different fromtheir predecessors. First, fairly calm color solutions. In the nineties, thousands of mods were ready to pay a lot of money for a rare bright yellow cap.

The new collection is also distinguished by moderntrends inherent in street style. First of all, this is a black and white graphic. However, neon tones are also present here. In addition, the caps are equipped with a grid that allows the skin to breathe, powerful glued seams, large logos.

how to distinguish a ralph lauren cap from a fake

Female audience prefers

Women have their preferences.A great popularity, for example, uses the cap Ralph Lauren White. White color is suitable for almost any clothing. In addition, it allows you to perfectly refresh your complexion. Particularly relevant are such models in the warm season. If you want to emphasize your bronze tan - you can not imagine a better option!

In the fashion there is also a pink color.Of course, he always called and will cause much controversy among critics. Someone argues that without this color the wardrobe can not exist, other pink color is simply hated, since it causes considerable irritation in them.

Despite these disputes, he is the majority of womenlike. Of course, along with a variety of elements of the wardrobe appeared and a pink cap Ralph Lauren. Even a sporting image, she is capable of giving femininity.

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Impeccable design

American brand Polo Ralph Lauren Corporationis famous since 1969. Excellent quality and stylish design was immediately able to win many fans. A direct proof of that is the Ralph Lauren cap. The photos of these accessories give an opportunity to admire their diversity and attractive appearance. For a casual or sporty style, they fit just perfectly. They make caps from natural 100% cotton in various designs.

Great popularity was won by the so-calleddriver's hats. A lot of demand they use truckers. The back panel of them is made of a thin transparent grid that perfectly passes air. This cap is perfect for even the hottest summer days. Trucker - model, available in two colors. These can be monophonic caps (blue, gray, black, equipped with mandatory firm embroidery on the front side) or bright with images of nature.

Baseball Cap - a line made of cottonpanels, also equipped with embroidery brand. Each model in this series has two or three color solutions. Their main difference - holes for ventilation and heat transfer. An exclusive element of baseball caps is a buckle made of genuine leather.

Important place in a wide range of brandtakes a cashmere cap from the line of premium clothing Purple Label. Soft and soft material, attractive appearance - in a word, such an accessory is an excellent solution for any fashionable wardrobe.

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Do not make a mistake

It remains to understand the last importantquestion. How to distinguish a Ralph Lauren cap from a fake? Because of the wide variety of models presented in both expensive boutiques and the regular market, you can easily encounter it. Of course, everyone wants to have in his wardrobe exactly the original cap Ralph Lauren. You can distinguish it from counterfeiting by probing the quality of the material. In addition, the seams of the original are glued. Counterfeits are distinguished only by sewn joints. And of course, look at the brand name. If you are familiar with the brand Ralph Lauren, you will never be mistaken in it.

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