Men's breeches 2011

Men's breeches in the summer of 2011 took the leadingpositions in the wardrobes of fashionable and stylish guys. Of course, because they are comfortable and comfortable, and if you choose the right trousers, you can achieve a unique style, which is important for a modern man. Stylish breeches can transform your image beyond recognition: today a style of a tourist in his native city, tomorrow - an elegant image in a pair with a stylish shirt, the day after tomorrow - the sexy and daring style of fashionable macho, choose you. Breeches are typical clothes for the warm season, and in 2011 these trousers are especially popular, because today the comfort and style are in fashion. This season are fashionable breeches a little just below the knee. This length will accurately emphasize the figure of a man and accentuate his individual style.

What are fashionable breeches?

In 2011, it is worth paying attention to a littleNarrowed men's breeches or classic straight, made from linen or dense cotton. This outfit looks elegant and stylish, in addition, the above-named shortened trousers are offered with lapels, the width of which can vary up to three centimeters. Lapels adorn pants, and if you decide to build this lapel yourself, it can even shorten and narrow your breeches. This outfit is offered by fashion designers Frankie Morello, Bottega Venet, Ermanno Scervino and D & G.

Very fashionable in this season have become elegant andeven a few glamorous men's breeches, emphasizing all the dignity of your figure. They are bright, not similar to others, this outfit will be chosen only by the bravest and confident guys.

In addition to fashionable bridge in the style of "male glamor,2011 suggests drawing attention to sports breeches. They are comfortable, do not constrain movements, in such clothes you feel comfortable. This allows you to appear in such bridges almost anywhere: on a walk, on the beach, fishing and even, with skillful combination with other clothes, in a trendy club.

Fabrics and colors

As for fabrics, men's breeches are mainlyare made of natural fabrics of medium thickness: corduroy, jeans, stretch, knitwear, as well as summer light and loose fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk. The colors of this element of the men's wardrobe are quite diverse: in 2011, designers advise to pay attention to the breeches of bright colors in neon-acid range, as well as red, blue, yellow, green and turquoise hues. Such colors were presented in the collections of Jil Sander, Frankie Morello, Dsquared2 and Louis Vuitton.

Bright colors can not always displacefashionable and actual white noble color. White men's breeches look stylish and perfectly combined with any other colors. However, in 2011, stylists recommend to give preference to deep dark top.

With what to wear?

Wearing men's breeches is best combined withshirts, T-shirts and sneakers. In addition, shoes can also be another, for example, moccasins, sandals or tennis shoes. Jeans breeches - a separate conversation, because in almost any combination they look good. Such combinations can be sneakers and a sweatshirt, a jacket and a lohfer or a T-shirt and Vietnamese.

As accessories, designers offerchoose belts and belts, correctly selecting the color and style of the belt, you will achieve a unique image. In addition, the breeches 2011 have a variety of functional pockets, which are often not just a compartment for a phone, keys or money, but can also become a wonderful accessory. Pockets can be front, back, sides, their number is unlimited.

Therefore, men can be easily recommended to buy fashion models of bridges and feel confident, comfortable, stylish and relaxed.

For different occasions, it's good to buy different pants, change shirts, shirts and shirts and stay stylish and fashionable.

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