Dress from chiffon - the trend of 2013

It so happened that the chiffon is considered a fabricelegant and luxurious, which is designed to create unique, "royal" outfits. However, this season, chiffon is quite comfortable feeling not only in fashion collections and catwalks, but also on the streets of cities. It's not even that this weightless fabric is surprisingly suitable for a hot day. Fashionable stylists want to see beautiful ladies as feminine and tender as possible. To emphasize these qualities, not all fabrics are capable, but chiffon does it with ease.

chiffon sundress
Chiffon is a material that gives an incrediblespace for creativity. It can be combined with various tissues. Therefore, it is so easily and organically fit into any chosen style and image. In fashion collections it is often combined with lace, satin, crepe-satin, leather and even with artificial fur. Great success is wearing a dress made of chiffon pleated.

Every woman should be able to wear weightless andfeminine models. Dress made from chiffon in the floor - it's all recognized classics. However, the fantasies of fashion designers do not have a limit. For example, Emma Hill, the creative director of the fashion house Mulberry, suggested wearing an elegant sarafan of chiffon knitted bomb.

This summer, slim, graceful girls are acceptablewear not just short, but very short sundresses. Do not be afraid of the transparency of this fabric. Dress made of chiffon can be lined, multilayered, combined. Despite the somewhat playful texture of your favorite fabric, monophonic dresses and sarafans are a bit more reserved. Flying silhouette, open shoulders, flounces, transparency - it would seem, on the face of the apparent sexuality of the attire, however soft

chiffon sundresses 2013 photo
the uniformity of chiffon smoothes this impression and makes the image exquisitely refined.

The colored summer dress looks very playful and gentle. If it is supplemented with some thing of classic strict style, then this look will be allowed to women in any situation.

Huge popularity this summer receivedsundresses from chiffon 2013. Photos of the most original models can be seen in glossy magazines. They differ from the models of previous seasons with some original details - high waist, basque, lace, flounces or draperies.

This season, a chiffon sundress is made offabrics of joyful colors: rich blue, emerald green, scarlet, sunny yellow, smoky blue and pale nefertiti. Pleasant multiform prints - floral motifs, oriental ornament, abstraction, a variety of peas, vertical stripes and even a cage. Very fashionable drawings on a snow-white background.

chiffon sash dress
This year's chiffon dress is very populartrapezoidal cut and very voluminous. Give the highlight of the sarafan deep decollete or halter, wrapped around the back, crossed on the back straps or fully open back.

Slender and fragile girls can recommend fitting models of sarafans. They can be whole-cut, cut-off along the waist line or with an overstated waist.

Relevant in this season, the retro model of the 50's - cutting sarafans with a lush skirt and long midi.

Despite the fact that glossy magazines persistshow us outfits on "too slender" models, this does not mean that there are no fashions for fat women. In fact, designers have never forgotten about women "with forms." They recommend sarafans maxi and midi to them. Sarafans in the floor will help to hide extra pounds, and the length of the midi will demonstrate the beauty of the lower leg.

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