With what to wear a dress-tuxedo?

Dress-tuxedo not so long ago againappear on the fashion shows of famous fashion designers. Clothing is in demand both in business and in everyday fashion, and this outfit is great for going out and holding official events.

History of tuxedo

Initially, tuxedos were used by Englisharistocrats as home clothes for smoking, which is noticeable from the very name of smoking-jakcet. So that when smoking a worn jacket is not stained with ashes, its lapels and sleeves are lined with satin. The tuxedo was worn only in specially designated rooms for smoking, after which they left an element of the wardrobe so as not to irritate the smell of tobacco of non-smoking household members.

tuxedo dress

After a while, the jacket was re-qualified inelegant evening dress for men. And in the early 30-ies of the last century ceased to be solely the subject of the wardrobe of the male half, rapidly moving into the women's fashion. It is worth recalling the shocking and stylish German actress Marlene Dietrich, who was able to break up the invented stereotypes and appear in public in a man's suit.

Return of fashionable style

Returned to fashion elegant dress givesimage of femininity and subtlety. Intentionally male cut dress-tuxedo (photo attire is located in the article), in contrast to its style emphasizes the grace of the beautiful owner.

The appearance of a dress-tuxedo collectionfamous fashion designer Yves-Sen Laurent. In the early 70-ies of the XX century, a dress appeared on the show, which emphasized the shoulder line and the wasp waist, demonstrating the subtle femininity of beautiful female representatives. After almost 50 years, the fashion made a peculiar turn, and the dress in the form of a tuxedo again returned to the catwalks of fashion shows, as well as to the wardrobes of stylish women.

dress tuxedo

Popular Models

The current cut of the dress, sewn in the form of a tuxedo,It features a deep, mousse-cut neckline, underlined by a clear line of shoulders. In addition, modern fashion designers are likely to model this outfit with sleeves of different lengths, up to their complete elimination.

However, the outfit itself is now, as a rule, by stylemore like a military one-or double-breasted tunic cut out according to the figure. Comparing old and new models of dresses, it can also be noted that there have been some changes with its length. So, the hem of the modern dress-tuxedo varies in length between the line on the palm above the knee and midi. The shape of the hem also changed. If before its appearance it resembled a correctly cut straight skirt, now to the attention of fashion designers offer a very wide range of different models that begin with the imitation of a pencil skirt and end with a lush sun, slightly narrowed by pleating.

dress tuxedo photo

On some models the border is flat, but there is alsoa number of outfits that are very popular, with an obviously understated backside. The overall cut of the outfit also changed: so, the usual tuxedo is gradually replaced by a fitted A-line, in the form of a straight dress or corset.

Who is fit for the outfit?

According to popular stylists, the dress-tuxedo is suitable for almost all female representatives, without exception, regardless of age and external data.

This is just the case when the created elegant outfit is absolutely not attached to the type of figure, nor to growth, nor to any other parameters. Both everyday and evening dress-tuxedo can significantly differ in the cut, but in the end they all look equally good both on skinny girls, and on women with magnificent forms.

Suitable accessories

To create a fashionable bow using thisa wardrobe like a tuxedo, look good, restrained and succinct, you need to choose the appropriate accessories. Clutch, shoes in tone, string beads or, conversely, massive jewelry on the neck - any of the listed accessories will create an excellent tandem when choosing a stylish outfit, tailored for the tuxedo style.

evening dress evening dress

You can also say that even the lack of jewelry can not harm the charm of this dress. A tailored tuxedo with lightness will eclipse even the most spectacular evening dress.

With what to wear a dress-tuxedo?

Demonstrated on fashion shows dresses,sewn on the shape of a tuxedo, according to experts, it is most beneficial to look at the naked on the naked body. Such an outfit can create an impeccable sexy image, which can be supplemented by wearing an elegant lace under the dress.

However, do not forget that some outfitslook more conservative, some less mandatory. But, wearing any such dress, each of the fair sex thereby prefers this style, pushing the luxurious evening outfit to the background.

In a dress-tuxedo, shoe classic boats onhigh hairpin, you can appear at a social event or go on a date with your loved one. So, in a classic outfit, tailored for a tuxedo, longer than the knee, you can visit the theater, corporate or go to a less formal reception. Stricter dresses that look like a normal jacket or tuxedo, without a pronounced gloss and chic, complemented by bracelets or watches stylized for them, can be safely put on the office or on a business meeting with a partner.

white dress tuxedo

Black and white dress-tuxedo with shoes with heels is more universala model suitable for a solemn occasion. In a long dress, decorated with V-shaped necklace and earrings, the fair sex representative will look luxuriously at the official reception or premiere of the long-awaited film.

A dress without sleeves, supplemented with ankle boots onhigh, massive platform, a hat-fedora, a small handbag on a chain or various bracelets, was created for the fun pastime of the girl. The received bow is suitable for a campaign to stage a modern youth theater or to a concert of your favorite group. Wearing a mini dress, you need to carefully and carefully choose not only your hair, but also suitable accessories. Do this in order to not look too vulgar or provocative. Since at such a length of the outfit the main accessory is the dress.

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