We knit overalls for a newborn: useful tips

Very often, when a child appears in the family,I want to create something for him with my own hands: tie a blouse, sew a suit, make a toy and so on. Such needlework items are also very popular as gifts to the newborn, because the hand made conveys the warmest emotions of the master, a part of his soul. It is interesting that you can knit not only warm clothes for autumn or winter: today also knitted summer clothes for newborns are actual. In this article, we will talk about how to quickly and qualitatively connect a jumpsuit for a newborn, and about what nuances should be taken into account when mating.

knit jumpsuit for a newborn
We knit a overall for a newborn: does the child need such clothes?

Definitely needed. The overall is comfortable. It is easy to put on and take off (especially to change the diaper). Such a garment protects against cold, in it the baby is very comfortable. If you choose the right yarn, knitted overalls will turn out to be quality, soft and very beautiful. Note that clothes made by hand always look very nice and cute, especially on children who have recently been born.

We knit a jumpsuit for a newborn: what is needed, and where to start?

summer clothes for newborns
The first thing the needlewoman should do is determine thefashion. Currently, you can find a huge number of a variety of schemes that can be used in the creation of overalls. On average, for one overall, you need 300 grams of yarn. When the style and yarn are ready, determine the size of the child. This procedure requires special attention, and often it is very difficult. It should be taken into account that the newborn grows very, very quickly, so knit the overalls a little more, "to grow." Remember that when you connect a thing, the child will certainly grow by a couple of centimeters and in height and width. And in general, such clothes, even if it is just in size, should be free, not restricting the movement of the child. Experienced masters recommend taking only soft yarn, which will not cause irritation to the baby's skin. Pay attention that the thread is not pricked. Prefer the standard cotton yarn.

We knit a coverall for a newborn: the structure of a thing

fashionable clothes for newborns
This garment consists of a backrest, a right andleft shelf, legs and two sleeves. Consider the average size of overalls for a newborn baby. So, the total width of the two shelves and back is about 60 cm, the sleeves - 16 cm, the legs - 18-20 cm. It is recommended to start knitting from the back, turning to the shelves and ending with the sleeves and legs.

We knit a jumpsuit for a newborn: cute details

Usually children's clothes look more beautiful due toadditional elements and ornaments. You can add interesting pompoms, patches, drawings. It will be beautiful to look at the thing, bound by a relief pattern, as well as a jumpsuit, bound by a pattern of different threads. It is very important, what color you choose: you can create a bright and colorful overalls, you can give preference to calm pastel tones.

Whatever option you choose, remember thatfashionable clothes for newborns, created by own hands, - a reality that is within your power! It is not necessary to go to fashion boutiques or to specialized children's shops for a gift to the child, if you have everything in order to tie the overalls by hand.

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