Men's fur coat from the wolf - a combination of style and quality

Some mistakenly consider a fur coat from naturalfur only women's clothing. Over the past few years, men's fur coats have become increasingly popular. This fur best emphasizes the brutality and masculinity of representatives of the strong half of humanity. Modern designers are developing all new models of such outerwear, decorating them with inserts of leather and other materials.

men's fur coat from a wolf

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Men's fur coats are considered a pretty wolfexpensive pleasure, emphasizing the social and financial well-being of their owners. Therefore, when choosing such a thing, it is necessary to pay special attention to a few important nuances. To dispel doubts about the quality of the product, you should require the seller to show not only a certificate of quality, but also documentation that guarantees the authenticity of the model you like. It is advisable to purchase such things in the checked out specialized shops, having a good reputation. Very often in the process of socks in the product found factory marriage, which is almost impossible to detect in the store. Therefore, it is recommended to ask whether the manufacturer's warranty extends to this model.

A quality men's fur coat from a wolf should not beeasy. It should have a shiny soft fur. After squeezing the hem of the outer clothing, he must quickly restore the original shape. On a quality product there are no visually distinguishable fur transitions on the seams.

coat of wolf for men

Features of wolf fur

Such paintings have an original appearance. Wolf fur is considered to be truly masculine. He is the best of the rest reflects a resolute and strong-willed character. This explains the rapid growth of popularity of such winter outerwear, as a man's fur coat from a wolf. In the "Snow Queen" a wide range of models,differing with high quality of fur. The most valuable are the northern and Canadian skins, which have the most dense and beautiful pile. This material is characterized by a fairly high durability, so the products from it can last for more than one year. It should be understood that the life of a fur coat from a wolf largely depends on how well the fur is made. The specificity of the skin treatment takes into account the fact that wolves live in wildlife, and are not grown at the mills.

Fur, from which quality man's fur coat is madefrom the wolf, must have an elastic and strong awn. In addition, such a canvas can be recognized by the presence of a thick and long undercoat. People who are well versed in fur products give preference to nap of a natural shade. Therefore, most manufacturers refuse to color the finished products. Fur coat from the wolf, photo which can be seen on the pages of many magazines, is distinguished by a huge variety of interesting original shades.

men's fur fur coats

Variety of models

Most men prefer products made from solid skins. The most popular men's fur coat from the wolf has a straight cut. No less popular among domestic consumers are models made of wolf fur, combined with inserts made of genuine leather. This is the most optimal option, suitable for modern men, leading an active lifestyle.

Much less often you can see wolf fur coats up to the knee or on the floor. Similar top clothes are preferred by originals, which are obscured by standard forms and habitual design.

man's fur coat from the wolf in the snow queen

Advantages and disadvantages of short men's coats

One of the main advantages of shortened modelscan be considered a relatively low cost. Such fur coats are quite practical. They can be freely controlled by the car, without worrying about the fact that the outer clothing will restrict movement. In addition, the shortened models emphasize the courageous figure of their owner as well as possible.

Perhaps the only weighty drawbacka short wolf coat can be considered that it does not save from severe frosts. Such models will protect only the upper half of the body. In addition, when choosing a suitable outerwear is recommended to take into account the features of his body. Short fur coats do not fit fat men at all. Such a style will not hide, but, on the contrary, will further emphasize the shortcomings of the figure.

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