Borsalino - a hat in the gangster style and not only

Today, the brand withworld-famous name "Borsalino." The hat of this brand has become a kind of talisman for modern mods. This European brand has always had a high status and never needed a presentation. The hat is very often associated with gangsters and mafiosi. Such fame this legendary headdress gained thanks to the film with Al Capone.

Briefly about the history

The founder of this legendary brand isGiuseppe Borsalino. The hat he had from childhood was a favorite headgear. In 1857, the famous Italian opened a tailoring shop for sewing hats. It was the first enterprise engaged in sewing headgear. After fifty years of activity, the company produced about one million units of hats.

With the arrival of the son of Borsalino in the family business, the annual turnover of products is doubled. The company will soon become a world leader in its field.

borsalino hat

What is the appearance of the headpiece in the style of Borsalino?

The hat of this legendary brand is quiteAn interesting headdress with fields of medium size. A distinctive feature is the decorating piece in the form of a ribbon. This complementary element of the hat neatly wraps it up to the place where the fields begin. The width of the ribbon varies depending on the preferences of the owner.

Such hats were popularly named"Fedor". This headpiece, in its most ideal interpretation, should be made of soft and pliable felt. A special feature of the Borsalino hat is also three specific dents on the turret.

Borsalino mens hat

Modern interpretation of the image with a headdress Borsalino

Hat for the last decade has become an integral part of the fashion image. Due to its brevity, this headdress amazingly emphasizes the dignity and will guide the image in the right direction.

A modern example of refinement and harmonywill light borsalino hat. The female model of this headdress will perfectly harmonize with strict classical clothes, giving the latter a special charm and chic.

Male version of Borsalino will certainly have totaste confident representatives of the strong half of humanity. A perfect tandem with such a hat will be shoes in the style of a derby and a jacket of dense material.

Today many celebrities have chosen this headdress and successfully use it in their images. Cameron Diaz prefers wearing a Borsalino hat in tandem with a vest, jeans and a T-shirt.

Borsalino Womens Hat

What is unique about the Borsalino brand?

  • The main feature of the company isThe use of manual labor in the manufacture of hats. The production of one product takes about seven weeks. Such a long production of hats is a guarantee of quality.
  • Use of natural fabrics and only high-quality raw materials that meet European standards.
  • A huge range of products in the arsenala company that is not limited to just such a classic model as the Borsalino hat. Men's collection of brand products is laconic and strict, and the female embodies tenderness and sophistication.
  • Classic cut is the hallmark of the brand.
  • It is quite easy to check the authenticity of the product. To do this, you need to take the hat and carefully fold it into a tight tube and try to pass into a normal wedding ring. If the hat does not lose its original form, then this is the original product.

A brand like Borsalino will have to tastepeople who prefer Italian fashion and its highest quality. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such products. It is focused on high prosperity. Thanks to the impeccable quality of the products, this legendary brand acquires a huge number of fans every year.

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