Beautiful dress with polka dots in retro style

If you want to bring in your imageoriginality, freshness, but you can not decide on any novelties of the upcoming season, that is the sense to turn your eyes to dresses in peas. The retro style, for example, without it is simply unthinkable. Possessing high versatility and lability, such a print will add brightness, freshness and individuality to any woman. And most importantly - it is always relevant, always on the crest of a wave of popularity.

A polka-dot dress in retro style.

Print to the peas. When did he appear?

Under this type of print onFabrics should be understood in different size circles. They are performed, as a rule, in a contrasting tone with respect to the main color. Consider, for example, a dress with polka dots. In retro style - this is an obligatory part of the wardrobe. Although this print is possible on smaller things, such as shawls, blouses, scarves, skirts or even trousers. Peas are a very popular pattern on the fabric of all women in the world. What caused this kind of love, no one can explain, pure water is the mystery of nature. But from year to year eminent couturiers invariably include in their collection beautiful dresses in polka dots, changing only the color range, style and length.

The exact date of appearance of this print iscan call, but, most likely, it is comparable with the advent of technology of printed pattern on tissues, that is, on average 200-300 years ago. It can be said with certainty that the polka dots were mass produced in the middle of the 19th century. This is confirmed by photographs of those times, paintings by artists (for example, F. Goya's painting). A real boom dress in polka dots (with or without a belt) survived in the 50s of last century.

The second life of drawing in polka dots

A new wave of popularity and, as they say,trend dress in polka dots is due to Christian Dior. It was he who in 1950 created a whole collection of clothes with a slightly forgotten print. In those years, fashion bravely stepped from the podiums to the people. Dress in peas was like the stars of the first magnitude, and ordinary housewives. Marilyn Monroe (pictured) and the Queen of England were also fans of a fun and dynamic print.

Dress in polka dots: retro style.

As you know, everything in the world develops in a spiral,and each turn is invariably repeated. Not an exception and the fashion industry. In the 21st century, a polka-dot dress in retro style (the very one created by Dior once) is the object of almost every woman's desire. And this is not surprising, because such a drawing is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to choose it correctly. If we talk about color combination, then everything is quite democratic and simple, the most profitable option is a black and white polka-dot dress in retro style. But the size of a fashion print is of great importance.

Dress in small peas

This is probably the best option for everyone,regardless of build and age. If a woman with large forms wants a dress for polka dots, then it is necessary to choose just such a small one. Unlike large or medium, such a pattern of fabric will not emphasize, but hide all the shortcomings of the figure, including the bulging belly. Small peas create a sense of a grid, and not a print as such, so it does not strike the eye and looks a bit muffled. Holders of the express waist can choose styles in the style of new look. In addition, small peas definitely go to a strict office wardrobe, adding to it charm and lightness. However, in this case, stylists recommend choosing pastel colors, so that the contrast is not too catchy.

Dress with medium peas

A dress with polka dots with a belt.

Such a picture can be called goldenthe middle. Not too flashy, not so that they turn on you, but not boring. There can be many options. Choose the style that best suits your type of figure. Not only young girls, but also ladies at age, we recommend to pay attention to the original combination of colors, when peas, for example, are yellow, and the background is green or blue. And do not be afraid of this print, executed in several colors. For example, combined dresses, when the top is black, and the bottom is white, and the peas, respectively, change color, and sometimes the size, which also looks very original.

Beautiful dresses for polka dots.

Dress in a large pea

The most attractive option would belook at the fragile and young girls with model parameters. The lady with magnificent forms risks dressing in large peas to look like a ladybug or wife of Mickey Mouse. That's only to blame the latter for bad taste, no one dares, and in this dress it is very attractive, but do not forget that you are not a character of a cult cartoon. Therefore, stylists strongly disapprove of such a choice on the part of plump women. Visually, the size will increase noticeably, and you can not forget about it.

Summer dress with polka dots: we select accessories

The choice of handbags, belts and shoes entirelydepends on what you want to get in the end. As a basic option, we offer you single-color and simple accessories, the same color as the peas on the dress. So the image will look holistic, and the complementary details will not attract excessive attention, but at the same time you add expressiveness. If, on the contrary, there is a desire to stand out, then give preference to contrasting colors. So, for example, a dark blue dress in polka-dots in retro style can be supplemented with a handbag and a strap of red or yellow color.

A general rule for everyone - accessories must besimple in form and preferably monophonic, otherwise you risk breaking the balance in the image and making disharmony in it. In addition, stylists unanimously ask to avoid adding dresses in peas with shoes with a similar print. Believe me, it will look caricatured.

Black dress in polka dots: what to wear?

Black dress with polka dots.

This option is just perfect. If you have a black dress with white polka dots, that's fine, if not, then you should think about buying it. It has long been included in the category of basic things of women's wardrobe. The choice of style is absolutely individual, so let's talk about what to add to this dress. First, pay attention to the red color - from light shades to fire or coral. This is a classic option that will make the image very bright and noticeable. The real chic in the spirit of K. Dior itself is a wide belt of red color, tied with a bow. Secondly, a deep brown shade, the color of the natural leather, combined with a black dress in polka dots, will look noble. Thirdly, green. But give preference to things of deep and rich colors, not lacquer or neon. Well, finally, yellow, or rather its warm hues, mustard tones. This option is very relevant for the summer. Do not forget about the main thing: everything should be in moderation.

The most famous polka dot dresses

Or rather, the images of famous women in clothes with such a print:

  1. In the first place, all the beloved "beauty" - JuliaRoberts. Her polka-dot dress became the standard of style. Truly a no-lose option in terms of style, and in color ratio. A noble shade of coffee with milk and an elegant hat will turn any Cinderella into a queen.
  2. Dress princess Diana. She is an icon of style, and that says it all. Do not know what and how to wear, pay attention to such famous and beautiful women as the English princess. By the way, all of her fashionable traditions are continued by Kate Middleton, who also appeared on public in similar dresses more than once.
    Summer dress with polka dots.
  3. Minnie Mouse's dress, however funny it may sound. She is a celebrity, albeit a cartoonish one. Her dress is very recognizable, so do not abuse this print.
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