What are the basic principles of marketing?

Today it is impossible to find a single company,which would not use the principles of marketing in its activities. Everything from an individual entrepreneur to international corporations promotes their products or services in one way or another, builds relationships with their customers and creates their image in the business market.

Basics of Marketing
Basics of marketing mean the existence of a goal,mission and strategy of the company. They are not always expressed in the form of written and official documents, but each owner always keeps in mind the image of the activity that he wants to achieve. To better understand the functions of marketing, you need to turn to the sources and find out what led to its formation.

Components of marketing

If you look carefully, the basicsmanagement and marketing are very similar. It happened because of the generality of the sciences, which formed the basis for their formation. Sociology, psychology and economics form the basis of marketing. Each of these areas has made a huge contribution to the formation of research work relationships between goods, brand, company and consumer.

fundamentals of management and marketing
The Social Part of Marketing

Relations in society and its welfare,which study sociology, help marketers understand what kind of goods society is already ready, and with the release of which it is worthwhile to wait. For this reason, a constant study of the life of society, its political, economic, religious and moral components is conducted. There is also social marketing, whose goal is to create a positive image in the eyes of potential customers and consumers. At the same time, its basis is the principle of attracting customers due to the company's popularity and trusting attitude towards it from authoritative bodies and people.

Psychological component

The study of the behavioral factor formed the basisinternet marketing. This is how you analyze with extreme care how the user behaves during his stay on the pages of the site, as well as how much information there will correspond to his ethical norms and perceptions. Most advertising campaigns are conducted taking into account the psychological characteristics of a specific target audience.

The Basics of Internet Marketing
The economic part of marketing

Marketing, like any science, is subject to analysis. Any event held within its framework should give a positive financial result. It is his digital value that forms the basis for marketing economically. To determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, economic formulas and postulates are applied.

Thus, the basics of marketing lie in thesocial relations, emotional characteristics and economic benefits. To carry out effective advertising and image campaigns it is necessary to take this into account. Each owner of the company, guided by these principles, will be able to take the enterprise to a new level, increase profits and win a good name. The rule is simple: the profit obtained directly depends on the satisfaction of the end user.

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