Basic concepts of marketing

The concept of marketing is revealed in the conceptmanagement and business philosophy, that is, in the organization of the economy and production, in order to meet the objective needs of each consumer, both natural and economic goods. Based on this, it can be determined that marketing is an integral system for organizing the production and sale of finished products, which is aimed at meeting all the needs of the market, as well as to obtain economic benefits from such activities. But the most important task of such a system is to develop tactics and an effective strategy for the company's behavior in market conditions by studying the economic situation.

In today's market it is very difficult to declare itselfand to prove that the products offered by the newly-made enterprise are much better than the one already in demand. In a competitive environment, every move, any step, even the smallest one, can become decisive. That is why it became necessary to think over and plan every detail of the company's activities, because everyone who comes into business wants to achieve success.

The basic concepts of marketing will help to understand in more details this complex but very interesting science.

The first concept to remember isneed, that is, an acute sense that a person feels when something is very necessary for him at a given moment in time. Need as a concept has classification criteria:

1. Depending on the cause of appearance, it can be: congenital (food, clothing) or acquired (success, money, recognition).

2. According to the results of the impact on the health and general condition of a person, the need is: positive (study, sport) or negative (alcohol, smoking).

The second, that is necessarily useful to a beginnermarketer, - the concept of motive. This is just the main term through which the concept and essence of marketing is realized in practice, after all, the motive is that need that in the current market conditions has become relevant. It should be noted that this is the only sure way that completely shapes the behavior of people who are consumers.

The third term is need. He is very similar in essence to the motive, but differs in that such a need has already taken shape of a concrete form.

The fourth concept follows a logical path from the three previous ones. Desire is a need reinforced by the will of man.

Having mastered these basic concepts of marketing, whichcan seem very simple and trivial at first glance, you can achieve great success, of course, only if the correct application of the acquired knowledge.

To date, it's completely impossibleto reevaluate the importance of this science on building a strategy for market activity, because it is with its help that you can loudly announce yourself, advertise a new revolutionary and innovative product, attract new customers and expand the market for such products. There are a lot of ways to promote, and each enterprise must choose its own way, how it will develop, which aspects to pay attention to, and which do not affect the company's activity at all, but in any case it is forbidden to forget about the basic concepts of marketing.

So, it is impossible to accurately calculate how muchcompanies are registered all over the world, which offer identical or very similar products to the consumer, despite this, someone is successful and earns a huge profit, and somebody has stayed behind, not having proved himself and is worthy of attention. Why does this happen? Everything is very simple. The reason is that the failing company has forgotten about the basic concepts of marketing, which are very simple, but incredibly effective!

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