Promotion is an effective way to attract customers

Promotions are a set of actions thatare aimed at promoting a service or product that affects the target audience. The impact can be informational (when it is possible to visually visualize, taste, test), as well as stimulating (when it is possible to get a promotion product free of charge when acquiring a certain quantity of goods, get a gift for a purchase, a discount for purchasing services or goods, etc.). .

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Now many companies are convinced that it is necessaryadvertising of the goods that they sell. So, distribution of leaflets and other informational materials in places of congestion of people, and also where there are many potential buyers of certain service or the goods became very popular.

An excellent result is the holding of events inwhich will not only demonstrate services and goods, but also hold various competitions with raffles of gifts and prizes. In addition, today tastings are very popular. The buyer can read them closer to the goods and make their own opinion about it.

Promotion goal

Properly organized promotions are the waysignificantly increase sales of a certain product. This effect is achieved due to the fact that buyers are encouraged to buy services or goods. In addition, promo actions are an excellent method of fighting against competitors and allow even in the off-season to maintain demand for products.

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The biggest sales can be achieved if such advertising is carried out. An example is the promotion of new products that can attract attention and interest potential buyers.

The work of qualified promoters is able to bring great popularity and significant success to consumers. This is achieved through increased sales and brand awareness.


Everyone knows that through the stomach of the buyer liesway to his heart. Tastings are a great way to present quality products to consumers, and also give them the opportunity to try it. Such promotions are a free opportunity to know the aesthetic and taste properties of the product, in addition, to learn about its competitive advantages and advantages. If the product is of high quality, then in the near future, wait for the increase in sales. People always need fresh products and novelties, therefore, if you are the one who can provide a novelty, then your product lines will line up.

The advantage of tasting is thatthe buyer has the opportunity to see the goods on the spot. For the customer there is an opportunity to evaluate immediately the reaction of consumers. And only their own taste sensations and personal experience give grounds for making the right decision.


The following promo actions are a gift for somepurchase. Everyone likes to receive gifts, so these actions are always very effective. Especially if a gift is a necessary and useful thing. If you buy a third product for free, this promotion will not leave you indifferent.


You can find a way to beat a gift for any product. Such an action encourages buyers to directly purchase more of your goods, and this helps to increase sales.


Sampling is a free distribution of probesproduct aimed at the target consumer product advertising. An example of such a stock is not hard to lead. It is most effective for goods intended for repeated multiple purchases. Basically, these are goods with low cost - perfume, hygiene products, cosmetics and so on. Statistics show that by giving a trial to a product, you help increase sales, as well as getting regular customers. The most effective is sampling when marketing a new product.

Kinds of sampling

  • Dry sampling - the consumer is told about the product, with the product probe (cream, shampoo, perfume) he takes home with a "dry ration".
  • Pack swap - replacement of half-empty packages of the same goods on the advertised full (chewing gum, cigarettes).
  • Horeca sampling - advertising cigarettes and alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants.
  • Wet sampling is an offer to potential customers to try the product (juice, cheese, sausage, etc.) at the point of sale just before the counter.

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Mainly conducting promotional-samplingYou can meet at the sales points of the same product. It is caused by the fact that the bulk of consumers decide to purchase directly at the point of sale. Consequently, with competent distribution, the buyer will be interested immediately with a new offer, which means that the effect of spontaneous purchase will work. In our country, sampling is popular and is considered the best way to attract a consumer. The domestic consumer has many features, often surprising representatives of Western companies.

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