Planogram is a tool that helps increase the level of sales of goods

If you look closely at the shop windowsshops, you can see that all the products are laid out in the trading hall in a certain order. Correctly located product meets the following basic characteristics:

- this position should easily be a buyer on the counter;

- the goods must be noticeable, it should stand out among similar positions;

- the product should promote not only itself, but also new or accompanying products of the same trade mark.

Sale of a specific product in any storecontrolled by representatives of the distributor. Experts who determine the completeness of the presented assortment on the shelves, the correctness of its location and evaluate the sales of this product, are called merchandisers. The main tool of such a professional is the planogram.

planogram of goods

What is Planogram?

Planogram is one of the main toolsproduct promotion in the market. It is a drawing, a graph of the location of goods on the counter, in the refrigerated display case, on the shelf of the store. With the help of it, the representative of the trading company looks at whether the goods are properly laid out, whether the range corresponds to the given brand, how much of the area is occupied by a particular product. Planogram - this is usually a flyer with photos of the correct location of products. Every merchandiser, having entered the store, has the right to go behind the counter and rearrange the goods in accordance with the actual planogram at the moment.

How the planogram is developed

The planogram of the goods is developed by order of the manufacturer or on the request of the owner of the trademark. At the same time, the following key factors are taken into account:

- current demand for top positions of this brand;

- availability of the required minimum of a commodity product in this outlet;

- active or anticipated shares and sales;

- joining the main product of an accompanying product in order to raise sales of the latter;

- entry into the assortment of a new product or product with a limited stock of the issue / limited in order to acquaint the buyer with the novelties.

All these questions are worked out by specialistssales departments of large companies, and based on these developments appears planogram. An example of a simple scheme for placing food in a supermarket is shown in the figure.

planogram is

How the Planogram Works

After the development of the planogram in the form of flyersare provided to wholesalers and purchasing companies that are engaged in the delivery of goods to the place of sale. They are distributed to the sales departments of distributors, and they provide planograms to merchandisers and sales agents. It is these employees of sales departments are required to control the location of goods of this brand in retail outlets. Any planogram is the main reference point for commercial departments of supermarkets, managers and managers of retail stores. It is they who are responsible for the correctness of the laying out of the goods according to the planogram. If the product is laid out correctly, its rotation is observed, and the necessary commodity stock is regularly replenished, then sales of this product are increased.

planogram example

Sanctions for non-compliance with the planogram

When concluding a contract for the supply of productsAn obligatory condition is observance of planograms when laying out the goods. For the fulfillment of this condition, bonuses are paid to the buyer in the form of a free promotional product or a monetary reward. The planogram is a sure argument in the negotiations with the shops. If the supplier's requirements are not met at the outlet, the rules for laying out the goods according to the planogram are not observed, if merchandisers are not allowed to trade shelves, the supplier has the right not to pay the bonus reward, and in the future has the right to break the contract and completely stop delivering the goods to the store.

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