Cosmetics for hair "Cies": clarifiers. Persistent beauty!

In the modern world, women do not always have enough time to visit a beauty salon or a hairdresser.

hair dye cleanser
That is why dyeing and lightening the hair inhome conditions has become absolutely normal, and the market is full of variety of tinted funds. According to the data of the conducted surveys, the last several years the products of the company "Cies" are very popular. Clarifiers of this brand can be purchased in any cosmetic shop. This is not surprising, because in the application they are very simple, but the result always corresponds to expectations. Below is a step-by-step instruction that will facilitate the process of lightening hair at home.


Depending on the strength of the impact, there are three types of coloring agents from the trade mark "Cies": clarifiers of medium strength, strong and intense. Let's briefly review each of them:

1. Medium - makes the shade lighter by 4 tones. Such a tool will give the desired to girls who dream of acquiring a light shade of hair, while retaining the natural color of their hair.

2. Strong - brightens up to 6 tones. The hue will turn out without yellowness, and the ingredients contained in the product will give the hair a healthy radiance.

3. Intensive. Suitable for those who attract the attention of others not the first time. Hair will become brighter by 7 tones (without yellowness). The kit includes a blonde activator to enhance the effect.

Preparation and preparation of the mixture

Clarifier for hair
Before use, check whether theclarifier for hair "Ciez" with your skin type. To do this, just apply a small amount of the composition on the surface of the hand and wait a few minutes. Redness indicates the presence of allergies. Prepare the mixture for clarification is simple enough - follow the instructions that are attached to the product. Do not forget to shake the bottle well. This is necessary for the full connection of all components.

Application and impact

The resulting mixture is evenly distributed throughout thelength of hair, starting from the roots, regardless of whether you lighten up completely or simply paint the roots. The final result depends completely on the time of action of the drug. For complete lightening of dark blond hair, 25 minutes is usually enough. If necessary, the time can be extended to 45 minutes.


At this stage of staining it is necessaryUse gloves made of latex material. This will protect the skin of the hands from staining and do not damage it by exposure to chemical elements that contain the hair color "Cies". Clarifier is sold together with funds intended solely for colored hair. They not only allow to wash off the paint well, but also to consolidate the result.

clarifying agent

Means for the care of colored hair from "Cies"

Clarifiers contain chemical elements,affecting the structure of the hair. Therefore, after using the cosmetics mentioned, it is so important to look after them properly. It is better to use special shampoos, rinses and masks, contributing to their gradual recovery. In most cases, masks can be made on their own, then in their composition natural ingredients will be guaranteed. Regardless of the type of medication under consideration, use caution when applying the "Cess" detractors. In their composition, there are chemical elements that, if misused, can damage the structure of the hair. And the restoration will have to spend a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, experts do not recommend hair dyeing on their own, it's better to entrust this procedure to professionals who know and do their job brilliantly. Be irresistible!

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