How to apply makeup for a full face?

Make-up is not only a way to make the features of your face more vivid and contrasting, but also an opportunity to adjust its shape.

The rounded shape of the face can not be called a disadvantage: Firstly, this form is typical for the overwhelming majority of representatives of the Slavic people. Secondly, the round face gives the woman a pretty appearance and youthfulness. But in order to emphasize these properties, it is necessary to master the techniques of make-up.

make-up for the full face

Sculpting is a complex of visagiste techniques that makes make-up for a full face in the way of giving it features characteristic of a classical face.

Blush or bronzer?

In order to give the rounded face the rightform, it is necessary to use the means to darken or brighten the skin tone. The main task of the person performing makeup is to make the face more inviting, emphasizing the expression of cheekbones and visually reducing cheeks.

As a means to darken skin toneYou can use a blush or bronzer. Both products are pigmented decorative compounds, produced in crumbly, pressed or creamy form.

makeup for a full face photo

In order to determine the choice, which means will make the makeup for the full face more correct from the point of view of the harmony of the face, it is better to use the trial and error method.

Traditional makeup school advises blondesuse blush, and brunettes - a bronzer, because the combination of the cosmetic product and the skin's own tone in this case gives a more natural result. But today there are no strict rules in the sphere of makeup, therefore, what make-up cosmetics make up for the full face, everyone determines himself, based on which product to use easier.


The main rule of sculpting a face in makeup- apply to zones that need to be visually made more voluminous, light tone or special product with a small chimera - highlighter. To highlight the cheekbones on the oval face, makeup artists are advised to apply the product with a line from the outer corners of the eyes towards the wings of the nose, and then carefully shade with a sponge or brush.

After that it is necessary to darken those areas,which on the round face are the most pronounced - the cheeks. Bronzer is applied to the area under the cheekbone and also carefully shaded. If the correction is performed with the help of blush, they should be applied mainly on the side of the face, visually narrowing it.

make-up for a full round face

To fix such make-up for a full round face it is possible by means of a colorless powder.


Any make-up involves creating an accent on any part of the face: lips or eyes. Recent trends allow for emphasis on the eyebrows.

Makeup for a full face is best done withan accent on the eyes. Bright juicy lips on the round face will not look expressive, but, on the contrary, emphasize the fullness of the cheeks. Graphic eyebrows, too, will not be able to emphasize beauty, since the horizontal line created by the eyebrows contrasting with the skin visually makes the face even more rounded.

how to apply makeup on a full face

The exception is the shape of the eyebrows, in whichtheir outer corners are much higher than the internal ones, and the eyebrows themselves do not have a characteristic bend. But this form is not suitable for every person and looks organic only if it is natural, given to a person from birth.

Arrows and Smokey Ice

Bright eye makeup for a full face can beperform any method that suits a particular appearance. So, make-up with arrows is suitable for almost everyone, you should only take into account your color pattern. Bright brunettes are allowed to make arrows with the help of black eyeliner or pencil, but blondes are better to make arrows with the help of gray or brown shadows applied with a wet oblique brush.

Smokey-ice, that is, smoky make-up, does not fitall. With pronounced age-related skin changes, the impending eyelid and bulging eyes, it can look inharmonious. In other cases it is permissible to use shadows: modern fashion trends allow using any shades.


In order to divert attention from the puffy cheeks and rounded outlines of the face, you need to paint your eyelashes well. It is not difficult to do this, you just need to remember a few rules:

  1. Mascara should be fresh enough to not create lumps and do not crumble.
  2. Leaving the product on eyelashes, you need to simulate their shape, bending upward or pulling to the outer corners of the century, creating the effect of "cat's eyes."
  3. If the length and thickness of your eyelashes is not enough,you can use waybills. For the evening image, you can have in your arsenal of eyelashes, strung on one strip, fixed on the eyelid, for the day you can use individual beams.

eye makeup for a full face

The brightness of the eyes should not compete withharmony and relevance of makeup. If abundantly applied black mascara "heavier" look, for daytime makeup it is better to buy dark brown or dark gray mascara.

Prohibited techniques

In order to learn how to create a beautiful image, it is not enough to know how to apply makeup to a full face, you also need to know about mistakes that are important to avoid:

  • Bright plump lips - definitely attractivea feature of a woman's face, but together with a round face they can make it even more complete visually. In order to make the lips more contrast, it is better to use matte lipsticks or tints, without a glossy effect or a shimmer.
  • If there is an opportunity not to use densetonal basis, it is better to abandon them. Small flaws are preferable to hide with the help of an equalizer. The fact is that a smooth tone of the face will make it more flat, and, therefore, even more round.
  • Do not overload make-up with mother-of-pearl cosmetic products. The more light and inconspicuous it will be on the face and lips, the more the face shape will visually approximate to the classical one.

Wrong face oval does not allowexperiment with makeup. It is better to choose several options for different occasions (for everyday life, parties) and use only them. The source of inspiration for choosing the ideal image can be a make-up photo for a full face from glossy magazines, thematic sites, illustrations of the work of make-up artists or pictures of popular people.

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