Perfume "Masaki Matsushima": a brief review of fragrances, reviews

Designer Masaki Matsushima (Masaki Matsushima)broke into the perfume market of the world without ritual Japanese bows. Already originally perfume, released in two thousand and first year, instilled in the Europeans a passion for orientation. What is the secret of the popularity of the fragrances of Masaki Matsushima? Probably, in that he very successfully combines the traditions of European perfumery with the incredible minimalism and laconicism of Japan. In this article, we will review the main examples of fragrances that the designer created in close cooperation with the French perfumer Jean Jacques. It should be said that the creative duo is very hard-working. From two thousand and one to this day he gives the world about two flavors a year.

Perfume Masaks Matsushima

Matte Fragrance "Masaki Matsushima"

The first pancake is not always a lump. At least, in such a brilliant designer, the debut in the field of perfumery was very successful. He began to conquer the world with a series of Mat. In 2001, the first two perfumes came out: for men and women. The creators did not become long to wonder and appropriated the colors of the floors - blue and pink. The bottle in both spirits is identical and very original, with a truncated side. "The real Japanese," - so characterized by its users. The fact that the "Mat Blue Masaki Matsushima" - a man's perfume, many girls learned with astonishment. Yes, they are fresh, citrus, but so tender! The aroma opens with piercing notes of tea, mint, bergamot, bamboo and juniper. But in the heart are hidden such beloved women lotus and rose. Yes, and the trail in the fragrance is sweetish-musky. In "Mat Pink" flower-fruit composition. Grapefruit, raspberries, peaches and mangoes compete with the rose and jasmine.

Masaki Matsushima

Other "matte" flavors

Can color smell? Such a question was asked by perfumers and started to create other matte perfumes of "Masaki Matsushima". Among them, "Matt White" attracts attention. A saturated white color is locked in the vial of these feminine perfumes. In the previous composition (bamboo, tea, mint, juniper) mixed with mango, water jasmine, black currant and even watermelon. Match it "Mat Orange". All the sunny fruits are collected under the lid! Here and tangerine, and red with bitter oranges, and apricots. But the perfume does not smell like "Fanta". Users assure that the aroma is complex, fuger, with bitter taste. Women's fragrances "Mat le Rouge" (2003) have combined juicy red berries. This is a very oriental smell. The fragile harmony of acidity and sweetness is emphasized by the barely perceptible woody smell. Another unveiling of the two thousand and third year was the unisex "Mat le Vert". These spirits, as the reviews say, will suit lovers of water scents. Green tea, cucumber, kiwi and lime dominate in the beginning. They are complemented by bamboo and lotus. And in the train you can hear musk and sugar cane.

Masaki matsushima perfume reviews

Masaki Matsushima Series

Somewhere in the middle of the two-thousandth designer releasedUnisex with a very laconic name - "M". This is a gift for those who like fresh and cool flavors. The design of the bottle is similar to "Mat", but the bottle is truncated from below, and not from above. In the classic "M" the pyramid is revealed from berries of juniper, litchi, apricot, passion fruit and numerous citrus fruits. But in the heart of the fragrance the iris is solely dominant. It only shades woody notes. In the train, watermelon and musk are guessed. The fragrance appeared in two thousand five, and in the following year new spirits of Masaki Matsushima-M Men came out. Naturally, this is a man's fragrance. His composition can be classified as a wine glass. The reviews call it the real smell of a samurai. Laconic, restrained, noble. The astringency of rosemary is softened by citrus. In the heart of the perfume are white tea, lotus, bamboo and vetiver. In the two thousand and ninth appeared "frosty" flannel of this fragrance - "M 0 degrees Meng". To the freshness of citrus fruits was added an apple and a very appetizing and sexy smell of tequila.

Masaki matsushima perfume for men


Creation two thousand and ten of the year - justa delight for lovers of winter freshness. Women's perfume "Masaki Matsushima Shiro" reveals a delicate scent of cyclamen, the acuteness of which softens the flower of cotton. The heart of this perfume is completely Japanese. There is a rose and a mysterious iris. But most users do not stop praising the train. In it, along with the branded Matsushima musk, the green spruce sounds. The smell of the needles is not sharp and unobtrusive. He just spawns an association with a New Year's holiday, a frosty forest. Freshness to the point - good refreshing perfume for a hot summer day.

"Tokyo Smile" and "Tokyo Daze"

To acquaint the Europeans with the capital of Japan decidedMasaki Matsushima. Perfume reviews were called very oriental, unusual, fascinating. They are futuristic, like Tokyo itself. In the "Smile" the perfumer experiments with exotic fruits. In the upper notes we find Japanese Mandarin yuzu, as well as other citrus fruits. They are sweetened with passion fruit and peach. In the heart of the fragrance - rose and champaka, and in the trail - characteristic musk. In the "Days of Tokyo" a little more sweets. It brings a melon to the composition. The heart of this fragrance is dominated by flowers - jasmine, peony, white rose.

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