The alluring word "laksheri". What it is?

New time brought into our everyday life a lotdifferent words and expressions, about which we did not know anything before. Here, for example, "laksheri" - what is it? What objects, phenomena does it mean? Let's understand, because using it to the right and to the left, many, perhaps, do not fully understand its essence.

The meaning of the word "laxtery"

What it is? Like many other modern words this also came to us from the English language. Luxury - splendor, luxury, wealth, pleasure and pleasure. This is the translation of this English noun.

laxheri what is it?


It is wrong to think that under this wordit means only clothes or cosmetics "laksheri" - that is, super-expensive brands and brands. This concept, in essence, determines the style and philosophy of life that a limited circle of people can afford.

Laksheri - what is it? This is a kind of "tag" that can be hung on services, recreation, cars, housing, having inaccessible value even for the so-called "middle class". In other words, laksheri is a limited segment of goods and services intended for very wealthy people who simply must consume them on the basis of their special status.

deluxe cosmetics

Objects laxtery. What it is?

Luxury - it's not even "luxury" and not the designation of "elite segment". It stands much higher than these concepts and implies that nothing higher and "steeper" it already simply does not exist in nature.

Cosmetics, perfumes, clothes "laksheri" isthe most understandable and to somebody even accessible things from this elite habitat. But it's also exclusive restaurants (5 stars), food (white caviar, Krug champagne), household appliances (Westvision TVs), cars, yachts, jewelry with elite stones, watches, sea and ski resorts, hotels, boutiques, beauty salons, cinemas, in which the road to a mere mortal is simply closed.

Statutory rest

In Egypt there is a resort with the name "Cleopatra Laksheri Resort". The name itself emphasizes its special status, making it clear that everyone can afford to rest in it.

Cleopatra Laxheri Resort

This resort is located on the firstcoastline of the Red Sea and occupies the territory of the famous Sinai Peninsula (near the airport "Sharm el-Sheikh"). It includes 9 separate buildings erected on fantastic rocks. They host 324 guest rooms, 152 of which have the status of Luxury. Cleopatra Luxury Resort is a 5-star residence, so you can not find a room here cheaper than 1,000 c. e. (per day).

The complex boasts a separatebeach, thematic pool, restaurants and bars, pub, night club. There are grounds for tennis and billiards. Also there is a resort and a diving center. For children there is a separate recreation program and infrastructure.

Each room is equipped with plasma, balcony orterrace, air conditioning, everything you need for use, internet. Holidaymakers can attend masseurs, a gym, and practice various water sports.

The "laxtery" segment also includes such hotels,The Atlantis (Bahamas), Ritz-Carlton (Japan), Westin Excelsior (Rome), Four Seasons Hotel (New York), Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas), President Wilson Hotel (Geneva), Martinez Hotel ), etc. The places for rest "laksheri": Bahamas, Barbados, Miami, Virgin Islands, Maldives, Seychelles, Belize and the island of Fiji.

To be and to appear

Segment "laksheri" is considered one of the mostdeveloping, promising and long-term. Previously, it belonged to the prerogatives of the European world, but now it is dynamically progressing in China, where consumption of "extra-lux" goods has increased several times in recent years.

laxher clothes

According to analysts, customers of "laxtery" canconditionally divided into 3 groups. The first group will include billionaires, government officials, politicians, representatives of royal families, for whom the style of luxury is a vital attribute.

The second group is represented by relatives, children, lovers, mistresses, concubines of the above-mentioned persons, who lead a luxurious lifestyle because of their special position in society.

The last group consists of those who want to imitateor impersonate a representative of a high society. Buy things with discounts, get into debt, to emphasize their "special" status and belonging to the selected caste. However, these people do not have any material and social base.

Development and perspectives of "laxtery"

As it was said earlier, China has become an active consumer of elite goods recently.

Analysts believe that the Celestial Empire will beProvide about 50% of the profits of all the world merchants of luxury goods. In general, the proceeds of luxury sellers until 2020 will increase by about 9-10 percent annually. Despite the permanent financial crises, the market of laxtery goods will develop, accompanied by acquisitions, purchases and sales of companies and brands. New sellers will look for fundamentally different ways and strategies to conquer potentially promising market territories.

In the meantime, "mastodons" and manufacturers of goodsluxury remain such brands as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes. The audience of the "laxtery" market is 10% of all buyers in the world (approximately 680 million people). True, by 2025 they should be twice as large.

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