Hairstyles at the prom. Interesting details and tips

Graduation - a happy time for all students! The childhood is over, the school is over. Is it worth saying that this day must be special? And so that it went exactly as you plan, it is better to start preparing in advance: choose an outfit, pick up accessories, come up with an original hairstyle. Yes, hairstyles at the graduation party are one of the key components of each girl's image.

At all times, fashion dictated its laws. Long curls, dismissed on the shoulders, short mischievous hairstyles, complex and elegant styling - all this is now available to everyone! However, the hair styling for release should be selected carefully and in accordance with all the nuances: the color of the face, its shape, features and disadvantages.

Let's pay attention to those ladies, inwhich have short hair. Experts say that for these hair perfect chic hairstyle in a retro style. Surprisingly, just in 2012, their relevance again returned to the ranks of both mind-blowing stars and ordinary girls. Hairstyles at the graduation in the style of "old Hollywood" perfectly complement the beautiful outfit and give the image a certain zest in the form of special tenderness and femininity. Soft waves and curls of hairstyle in retro style will ideally look on posh photos. It will be especially convenient to implement such beauty to those who prefer to "wear" a cascade in everyday life.

To have evening hairstyles on graduation such a plannot lost among the bright and lush styles of classmates, it is better to immediately pick up quality accessories on your head: a brooch, a diadem, a string of pearls or rhinestones. All these accessories perfectly zadekoriruyut and without that the ideal head of its owner.

If you like extreme and always striveshock people, choose for yourself now a very topical haircut "bean" or "page" - they instantly attract the attention of others! Asymmetric quads are another good variant of an unusual hairstyle on the graduation: on medium hair or on very short hair. It perfectly dilutes the classic outfit.

It should be noted that for the fair sex with hair of medium length, almost all well-known hairstyles are suitable - this is absolutely universal length!

Pay attention to the notorious Hollywood starsand their already popular "shells", "bananas" and "babetta." Talk to your stylist, ask and "try on" a pair of the most relevant hairstyles.

Remember that stacking waves in a retro style never goes out of style!

Hairstyles at the prom for long hair - a real epic! The choice - the largest and most diverse. If you were lucky enough to be the owner of chic thick long hair - it's a triumph!

However, immediately listen to the opinionsexperts who strongly do not recommend young graduates to rush to high hairstyles and too heavy makeup. If you look like an adult - it's nice, then to look at the incredible unnaturalness in photos from the prom - just awful.

Out of fashion go out braids, which for a long timekept the defense on top of fashion trends. They are replaced by tails - no matter how trivial and everyday. Add to the simple tail a bright beautiful bow or enchanting hairpin - that's a holiday, that's the carnival! Curl for the tail of long curly ringlets - this will also look more than elegant.

If you are a supporter of romance and strictly observethis image in everything - pay attention to the "simple" curled loose hair. They are ideal for almost any room, and looks like a hairstyle - one hundred percent!

A special "chip" for long hair can become hair. It's not just long hair, but the most natural flight of fantasy!

Have a nice prom!

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