Hygienic lipstick - the ideal caring for the skin of the lips

Almost every woman in the cosmetic bagthere is hygienic lipstick. This is an indispensable tool for lip care. Moreover, it can be used throughout the year, and there are no restrictions on gender or age: women, men, adults and children can equally enjoy this wonderful tool.

The gentle covering of the lips is very sensitive to irritants of the environment, and therefore their natural protection can be easily damaged.

By and large, any hygienic lipstickconsists of wax, which is needed to maintain the water-fat balance of the skin of the lips; natural oils; vitamins and lanolin base, which creates a protective film on the lips.

The key component is wax, bee orcarnauba. It does not allow the skin to lose moisture, so that the lips do not dry out. Vitamins act as the main auxiliary elements. The function of lipstick depends on the presence of this or that vitamin. So, the presence of vitamin A and E suggests that the lips will be saturated with nutrients; vitamins C and B12 - to fight inflammation and heal microcracks, vitamin E will prevent the aging of the skin of the lips.

Lipstick: choice for every taste.

When choosing a lipstick, you need to make sure thatthe composition does not contain salicylic acid, which causes drying of the lips and the appearance of cracks, and silicone oil, which manufacturers use to extend the shelf life of the product. Silicone oil forms a dense film on the surface of the lips, which prevents lips from absorbing moisturizing, nutrients from other components that make up the composition.

Strong smell is also a contraindication: most likely, flavors clog the chemical taste.

When choosing a hygienic lipstick, you needDetermine what you want to achieve with this cosmetic. So, if your lips need moisturizing, then the choice will fall on moisturizing lipstick; If the lips need protection from ultraviolet light, a good choice is hygienic lipstick with the content of the ultraviolet filter.

It should be remembered that moisturizing lipstick is notsuitable for cold seasons, as too rapid absorption of moisture will lead to increased dryness of the lips and the appearance of cracks. In winter it is better to use nutritious hygiene lipstick.

Use hygienic lipstick in accordance withfrom time to time is very reasonable, since they are developed, based on the needs of the skin in a certain seasonal interval. So, in the spring most people lack vitamins, in the spring often there are painful cracks in the corners of the lips, which can bleed. Therefore, it is important to fill the deficiency of vitamins and heal wounds, ideal for this hygiene lipstick with sea buckthorn oil, with calendula, chamomile, vitamins A, E, C.

In summer, you need to use hygienic lipstick with the function of protection from ultraviolet rays. As auxiliary components in the summer, you can choose jojoba oil, allatoin, aloe vera.

In winter it is better to use hygienic lipsticks withretinol, with shea butter, avocado oil, with lanolin. In autumn it is useful to buy nutritional lipstick, which protects the skin of the lips from sudden changes in natural conditions.

Among the widely represented assortmentproducts for the lips can meet hygienic lipsticks designed to prevent or combat herpetic eruptions on the skin of the lips; lipsticks, the action of which is designed to combat stomatitis or cheilitis.

Therefore, the best hygienic lipstick is the one that best protects the skin of the lips at the moment.

Although there are girls who prefercosmetic products (including skin care for the lips) of one firm. For example, one of my friends is a big fan of Nivea, and therefore hygienic lipstick (nivea, of course) does not violate the general ensemble.

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