How to draw arrows in front of eyes and pencil

how to draw arrows in front of eyes
Eyeliner is considered to be one of the mostelegant and beautiful techniques in the art of make-up. But how to draw arrows in front of eyes? It would seem that nothing is easier: you'll think, a couple of simple and easy movements with a special eyeliner or eyeliner. But as a result, even the most beautiful eyes become much more expressive and larger.

However, it is not enough just to know how to drawarrows in front of a pencil or eyeliner. We also need experience. If you paint often enough, then gradually the arrow can be done very quickly and smoothly. If the girl is just learning to do makeup, the process can take a lot of time, and the result will still not be the best.

So, there are several rules, explaining,how to draw arrows in front of eyes. First of all, there should not be an unfilled skin strip between the arrow and the eyelash line. Doing this is not always easy, especially if the eyelashes grow unevenly or in several layers. However, it is necessary to try. Both podvodku, and pencil need to be conducted directly along the line of growth of cilia, and work out a contour.

how to draw arrows in front of a pencil
In this case, the arrow should be made soft, smooth,thin and smooth. You do not need to cut it abruptly or draw too greasy (unless, of course, this is not required by the particular image). Fat arrows are appropriate for a nightclub, stage or bar. For a classic make-up for an evening or a day they are completely inappropriate. Also it is not recommended to make very long and thin lines: the fact is that visually they lower the corners of the eyes, and the facial expression turns out to be sad.

How to draw arrows in front of eyes? It is necessary to draw a line of thought from the outer corner of the eye to the nose. As soon as the end of the arrow is on this line, you can lift it up. Well and if it is absolutely in detail, the arrow is drawn as follows: the line is drawn from the inner corner of the eye, touching the line of the eyelashes, reaches its end. Be sure to mark the point. Now we move the arrow to the outer corner from the middle, making a little wider and painting all the remaining space in the cilia. The result is a smooth line. Well, it is better to choose varieties of shooters, relying on the shape of the eyes. Here everything is individual.

How to draw arrows in front of a liquidConnector? As well as a pencil. But only the latter is softer and less flashy, and therefore the flaws are less noticeable. So it's better to use podviku already experienced girls. Well, in general, of course, it is much brighter and more effective, especially classical black. To all other colors, you need to carefully select the shadows, so that instead of the beauty did not turn out to be a clown.

how to draw arrows in front of a liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows in front of eyes? Relying on the standard forms, of course. Currently, the most popular kind of make-up is the so-called Smoky eyes. Smoke effect, fat arrow, expressive look. If this option is not very like, you can try the cat's hands in combination with bright shadows (green, turquoise or blue). To draw such a line, you need to lead it, very thin, from the middle of the eyelids to the outer corners of the eyes, lifting the tip to the temple. Well, the so-called "puppet" make-up is performed with a white pencil (then it is drawn with eyeliner), voluminous ink and terracotta shadows. This make-up makes the eyes bigger, more expressive and brighter.

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