Deodorant "Amway" (Amway): review, choice, reviews

In this article we will talk about the deodorant "Amway". Some people are frightened off by the fact that the products of the American company Amway are not sold in regular stores. Why should not this brand sell its products through retail chains? Maybe this is some kind of dirty trick? On the other hand, these products, and deodorants in particular, do not belong to the low price sector. Is there any risk to buy worthless, if not harmful, care cosmetics, and even at an overpriced price? To begin with, let us clarify this question.

The firm "Amway" supports network marketing. It encourages entrepreneurship, and offers its distributors great discounts. And the most competent of them, as a rule, rent commercial pavilions in supermarkets and shopping centers. However, in big cities the brand opens its own branded stores "Amway". Addresses in Moscow will be given in our article.

Deodorant Amway

Caring cosmetics from Amway

Many manufacturers seek to createeffective means. But active substances in creams are often potent and can cause single allergic reactions. There are also such manufacturers, who put safety of their funds at the forefront. But such cosmetics, on the other hand, can be ineffective. Protection from sweat in our century of constant stress and gas-contaminated cities remains a very urgent problem. How to create such an antiperspirant that would permanently eliminate the unpleasant odor and at the same time not dry or irritate the delicate skin of the armpits? There is an exit! The firm "Amway" has created a good deodorant from sweat, which ensures the freshness of the body for a whole 48 hours. In this case, the remedy takes care of the skin. And to clothes, by the way, too: there are no white spots on the fabric.

Good deodorant from sweat

Composition of deodorants "Amway"

Do not be afraid to buy from networkdistributors of goods brand Amway. They are quite safe to use. This will convince you the composition of the product, which is indicated on the package. Let's study it in more detail.

In the composition of all deodorants from "Amway" containwater, propylene glycol dioctanoate, Steareth-2 and Steareth-20, Alcloxa, glycine, Usnea barbata and perfume fragrance. By the way, it is light and unobtrusive. Amway is of the opinion that the perfume should be given to a person. Like any good deodorant from sweat, antiperspirant from "Amway" contains in its composition aluminum salts. They block the allocation of an unpleasant odor. A novelty from the brand "Amway" is a series of deodorants "Body Series." In their composition there is also a unique complex with northern moss yagel. This plant gives a fresh light fragrance, suitable as well as for men and women, and also prevents sweating.

amway stores in moscow addresses

Types of deodorants

Probably, all people have their own favorite formfunds from sweat. Someone likes to "pshikatsya" spray, and someone - to smear with ball deodorants. Others do not accept humidity on the armpits. They prefer a solid stick in the form of a crystal. The company "Amway" took into account the wishes of all users. Wishing to reach the widest possible target audience, the brand produces antiperspirants in various forms. Deodorant stick "Amway" is more expensive, but economical. It has a dense texture. It is enough to carry one over the body, as a thin layer of the product will cover the skin. A light, unobtrusive odor will enhance the feeling of freshness and purity. In addition to the classical form - in tubes, the company "Amway" also produces transparent "crystals": in bamboo caskets, shells "powder" or stylish bags. From sticks reviews praise "DeoNat" and "Body Series." These crystals are perfectly distributed over the skin and very quickly absorbed. They do not cause allergies and are suitable for those who apply perfumes on top of antiperspirants.

Ball deodorant

Not less praises deserve and other formsproducts "Amway", designed to protect from sweat. Users like that the volume is more than similar cosmetics of other companies. The stick has a mass of 75 grams (net), and a ball deodorant "Amway" - one hundred milliliters. Roller is focused mainly on women. It moderately blocks the secretion of sweat. The agent dries quickly. Traces on clothes do not leave. Users also like the fact that the roller deodorant does not cause a sense of stickiness and moisture under the arms. But he does not overdry the skin.

amway deodorant

The liquid antiperspirant from the "Amway" line"Body Series" delicate unobtrusive aroma of moss of yagel (complex "Lishen"). The feeling of freshness from him does not leave you for long, almost the whole day. Users also like another roller of the same brand - Hymm.


Universal deodorant "Amway" in the classicalThe shape of the balloon, like a crystal and a roller, is actively refreshing. He has the same gentle, slightly woody-chypre scent, which in no way obscures perfume or cologne. If a solid antiperspirant is designed primarily for men, and roller antiperspirant is designed for women, then representatives of both sexes can equally use the spray. Its active formula is designed for use by active people. Antiperspirant is useful in the gym, after a busy day in the office, in travel. It is pleasantly surprising and the volume of the product. In a can of two hundred milliliters, and the net weight of a deodorant is 130 grams. Of the sprays in the extensive Amway catalog, users like antiperspirant unisex "Body Series" and G & H Protect. We also note that the company produces soap and deodorant. In the line "Body Series" it is also present.

deodorant amway reviews

Terms of use

To the goods you bought was the maximumeffective, they need to use, as they say, with the mind. The rules are set by Amway itself. Deodorant is applied to a cleanly washed body, on a dry skin. Avoid using antiperspirant when you are already sweating. This application will not give anything, and the unpleasant smell will not disappear. First you need to take a shower, thoroughly dry yourself with a towel, and then use any of the three forms of deodorants. If you are going to pull clothes with sleeves, pause a little. In fact, deodorants from "Amway" dry up on the skin quickly. But in order to avoid the appearance of white spots on clothes in the armpits, it is better to give the remedy an additional minute. Do not also think that the more saturated you are with the stick or roll, the greater the effect the antiperspirant will have. Do not clog the pores of the skin with this remedy. One application will be enough.

steek amve deodorant

Amway stores in Moscow: addresses

Now it's time to clarify the issue with whereyou can buy care and decorative cosmetics brand Amway. We have already mentioned above that in large cities there are its brand shops. In Moscow they are located at the following addresses:

  • Shopping Center "South". It is located on Kirovogradskaya street, 9. It is open from 9 to 21 hours a day. The nearest metro station to the shopping center is "Yuzhnaya".
  • 1st Kvesisskaya Street, 1 (metro station "Savelovskaya"). This sales point works the same as the previous one.
  • Zvenigorodskoe shosse, 4. This is the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 goda".
  • Suschevsky Val, 18. The store is located on the 15th floor of the building of the business center "Novosuschevsky". The nearest metro station is "Savelovskaya".

But the deodorant "Amway" and other cosmetics of thisfirms can be purchased not only in Moscow and large cities. Amway makes extensive use of network marketing, attracting independent entrepreneurs to sales. Therefore, brand goods are available to people in any, even a small village.

deodorant composition


What do users say about deodorants "Amway"? Reviews argue that the goods of this brand are not cheap, but they are worth their money. At 48 hours, as stated, deodorants smell of sweat is not removed, but the day of their action is quite enough. The smell is light, pleasant, does not obscure and does not conflict with perfumes. Skin deodorants do not overdry and do not leave any marks on clothes.

The composition of the means of the line "Body Series" includesAluminum salts that block sweating. Therefore, the antiperspirant does not "break" its odor with its unpleasant odor, but really neutralizes it. You can buy a stick (by catalog or from sales representatives) for 455 rubles. The ball deodorant and spray cost about 350 rubles. each. Means, no matter what form you choose, are spent very economically. Especially "long-lasting" reviews call a deodorant in the form of a crystal.

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