How to pass level 183 in the "Planet of Gems": tips for passing

You can have a great time for an exciting,developing the logic of the game "Planet of gems". It will appeal to all, without exception, people who prefer games three in a row. And also for those who just want to have fun in the company of the main character of "Gemini Planet" Jemmy.

The meaning of the game

Jamie is a little girl who willhelp in the passage of rounds, the construction of objects and their improvement on the fairy-tale planet. To improve buildings and acquire new ones, gold and diamonds are needed, which can be obtained after passing through the levels. Gradually, the complexity of the game increases. How to pass level 183 in the "Planet of gems" will be considered later.

How to pass 183 level planet gems

How do I get a bonus?

Earn points and complete the task bycompilation of a variety of combinations of 3 or more gems of the same color. In the game there are pebbles of five colors: blue, green, yellow, red and purple. More than three gems, collected together, give different bonuses: fire, space, water, air.

The more the number of collected chips, thethe bonus will be stronger. The fire removes gems in an amount of 5 pieces crosswise. Space destroys all the chips horizontally or vertically. The water bonus will help you get rid of the seven pebbles randomly selected. Air breaks the gems horizontally and vertically at the same time. When you compile four chips, you get a bonus of fire, space - five, water - six, air - seven.

How to overcome obstacles?

Each next level will addThe difficulty in passing through various obstacles. Among them are blocks, ropes, holes, numbered bombs, ice cages, simple and transparent megaboks. To destroy them you need bonuses, totems.

Gradually increasing complexity of the game is notmake bored. All the time you have to think and calculate the moves to successfully overcome the rounds. How to pass the 183rd level of the "Planet of gems"? Let's consider in detail the necessary actions.


How to pass level 183 in the "Planet of gems"? The task of this round is to collect chips of yellow color in the amount of 22 pieces. To understand how to go through level 183 of the "Planet of Gems", it is necessary to read the following instruction.

How to pass 183 level in the planet of gems

First of all, change the yellow and green chips inthird row from below. Gems explode, and you get a bonus that destroys the horizontal row. Then click twice on the fire bonuses, located on the left and right - the chips are destroyed. We swap the blue gem and the horizontal zipper. We explode the fire bonus on the right in the extra row. Then do the same with the left. Everything, the specified quantity of chips of yellow color is collected. It was considered how to pass in the "Planet of Gems" level 183.

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