How to update statistics in World of Tanks?

Why do most people play online games? For many, this is just entertainment and recreation, but most of the players tend to climb to the top. That's why in all online projects there are all sorts of ratings and lists to support the aspirations of the players. In the World of Tanks, in addition to ratings, there is a special statistics showing the ratio of victories and losses. And if the ratings fall on players only on top-end tanks, then the "statoi" can be measured at any level.

update stats in world of tanks

Statistics in WoT

It is clear that with this approach, statisticstanks in the World of Tanks - this is a very important thing. Focusing on it, players take in links and clans, and a person whose rating is higher is considered a priori right, because he supposedly plays better.

That is why many are trying to updatestatistics in the World of Tanks. When you come into the game, at the very beginning you will often lose, crookedly shoot and "drain" fights. But by the time a person gets enough skill to just be useful in combat, statistics can be hopelessly corrupted. For example, after playing 100 fights and losing 75 of them, you will get statistics of 25%. In the game this is a disgrace, with which no one will be reckoned with.

Now, to correct it to an acceptable 50%, youIt is necessary to win in the next 75 battles in a row, which is difficult to do. And if the difference is not 75, but 750 fights, not to mention active players, whose number of battles reaches several thousand, how can this be fixed? How to update statistics in World of Tanks?


Unfortunately for many players, there is no button in the game"reset statistics". Even for playing gold or real rubles. Therefore, there is only one obvious thing - to write to technical support. But only there are not merciful people who, in any whim, will rush to fulfill your wishes.

At any polite request to update statistics in the World of Tanks technical support sends an unambiguous and categorical answer: "There is no such functional and service, and will not be."

So what? So, there is no solution?

statistics of tanks in the world of tanks


But wait, despair. There are quite legal cases in which game developers are forced to update statistics in the World of Tanks: with repeated use of "bots" and other banned programs and when hacking into an account and deliberately lowering the rating.

True, there is some limitation. Often, statistics are rolled back only for the period of time in which the cheat was used. So you can try to artificially recreate a situation in which you can roll back statistics, but no one will give 100% guarantee to you, since the reset will depend on the mood of the support service.

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