Chit on "World of Tanks" for gold: myth or reality?

So, today we are with you to understandthe question: "Is the myth of" World of Tanks "for gold a myth or a reality?" In fact, many players are constantly trying to find the answer. And some of them assure us that there are secrets of obtaining gold. And they are new with each update. That is, if you have bothered to use one cheat for gold in "World of Tanks" in the version, for example, 1.0, then after upgrading to 1.1, you will have to look for a new approach. Let's try to deal with you with our today's question as soon as possible. After all, the answer will make life easier for many players.

cheat on the world of tanks for gold

The services

The first scenario is the spread of services to provide gold in the game. And not only in the "World of Tanks". Such proposals are by no means a rarity in our time.

You are offered to buy gold or a gamecurrency (coins) for a smaller fee than by means of an official donate. In truth, now even special websites are being created, on which this action is simplified to the maximum. Sometimes to turn things around, you have to give your data from the account in the game. But it is better to avoid such proposals. No matter how much you want to learn and experience the cheat on "World of Tanks" for gold.

The thing is that this scheme is in theIn most cases, conventional fraud. You just take money and steal your account. Not the best outcome, right? Therefore, you will have to find the secret of getting the gold somewhere else. But can this be done?

Game Tricks

Many players claim that there is such an opportunity. But spread about it is not particularly accepted. After all, cheats on "World of Tanks" for gold generate a huge number of competitors in battle. And nobody needs it.

cheats on the world of tanks for gold

But in general, the situation can be described as followsway: gamers claim that the game contains a variety of problems and bugs. And they can be used to wind a gold. With all this, often these statements are confirmed by a variety of videos and screenshots. For the story of cheating with you may require money (this is usually done).

In fact, a slightly different picture is obtained. Video and photos - it's just a montage. And no game bugs that help enrich the players there. Chit on "World of Tanks" for gold, which can be called as a gaming flaw is nothing more than the most common trick. It is needed to breed newbies and greedy players for real money. Works, incidentally, without fail. So try not to trust such people. Of course, if this is not your friend, who at a personal meeting can demonstrate the work of a bug. Maybe he really found a good cheat on "World of Tanks" for gold.


Also, players around the Internet are offereda variety of programs that should add gold to you. With all this, often such applications are positioned as free. That is, anyone can download a cheat on "World of Tanks" for gold, install, and then quietly play without thinking about the budget.

cheat for gold in the world of tanks

But everything is not so simple. Such applications are real viruses. They are designed to steal your accounts. Well, or just to infect the computer with a different infection. As a rule, such content also steals personal data: bank card numbers, passwords from social pages and so on. It would not be very pleasant to find out one time that all your funds have been written off from your electronic wallet.


Well, now it's time to sum up ourtoday's conversation. As you can see, there are no cheats for gold in the game "World of Tanks". In fact, you can get it only in one way - by purchasing it on the official website. Maximum - to win in some competition from the creators.

Remember that all the cheats on "World of Tanks" ongold is a real lie. Avoid such proposals, even if you really want to get rich. Otherwise, you risk being left without an account, as well as e-mail.

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