Ways to play in tanks or how to leave the clan in World Of Tanks

With every decade, the army is constantly growingadmirers of computer games online. And there is nothing surprising, since developers, coupled with progress, do not stand still and create new and more exciting virtual universes. To the attention of players are given as completely self-sufficient worlds in which the character is born and continuously develops and improves, as well as simpler variants, where one can also spend time with interest. One of these games, won the universal glory and love of gamers, is World Of Tanks.

On the "tanks" in brief

How to leave the clan in World of tanks

Before raising the issue of how leave the clan in World Of Tanks, you need to saya little about the game itself. World Of Tanks, or, more simply, WOT, is a multi-player online arcade-type game. In it, you can just play the so-called random battles, without spending much time, but simply resting and enjoying the gameplay. In other words, playing in the style of "every man for himself." But do not forget that one of the main aspects of such games is communication, and the implementation of this aspect takes one of the primary places among developers.

Game Clans

For this purpose, clans were created, that is,Combining a certain number of players to pursue a specific game goal, or simply by interests for a more comfortable gaming pastime. To tell you the truth, it's not so easy to get into a good clan, but to find out, for example, how to leave the clan in World Of Tanks, will not work.

Take the same WOT: the clan game here except for communication implies additional possibilities, such as playing on global maps, capturing and holding some territories, as well as earning game currency. Of course, in addition to the advantages and additional opportunities, playing in the clan imposes on the player a number of duties that must be adhered to. And here, sooner or later, there may be a desire to throw everything and play, as before, for himself, not reporting to anyone.

The question is, how do you leave the clan in World Of Tanks? The process of quitting the clan is not very difficult, and you can learn how to do this by reading the next section.

How to leave the clan in World Of Tanks

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So, the gamer is fed up with the responsibility, he does notwants to follow the clan rules, spend a lot of time on the game (when playing in the clan really need to spend a lot of real time), and decided to just play for yourself. To do this, you just need to leave the clan in World Of Tanks and do it in two simple steps. First, you need to go to the game site in the "My Game Profiles" section, select the "My Clan" section there and click the "Leave Clan" button in the menu, and then confirm the action.

All, now the gamer is again a single player. True, if the way out of the clan was made to enter the other, you have to wait two days. That's all.

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