World of tanks: bonus code and where to get officially?

World of Tanks - Multiuseronline game, released on April 12, 2010. The genre of the game is an action with elements of strategy and shooter. The game's gameplay consists of tank battles, teams of recruited random players battling to the last tank or before capturing the enemy base. The game has many different types of tanks and countries, which include these tanks. All combat vehicles are made according to the concept of really existing tanks, each model is made with great detail of each element of the machine. The game has one of the best systems of real damage to technology.

word of tanks bonus code where to take

Model of the game

From the very exit the game works by modelfree-to-play. It is absolutely free to download and use, but it contains elements of Donate. In 2013, game developers completely removed the advantage of players who pay. For donat in the game you can buy game gold, credits, tanks or premium-account. Players do not have to give their money to the game to get donate, gamers can just find and activate their code. Beginners do not always know what the bonus code World of tanks is and where to get it. The developers of the game made sure that the bonus code was not a curiosity and was available to every player.

What is the bonus code in the World of tanks and where to get it?

Bonus code is a set of symbols, letters ora special word that the player is required to enter in his account to activate it. After entering the code and confirming to your account, immediately the funds that issue this code will arrive. Each code has a limited amount of use, most often it can be applied 1 time. Also, the code can give the player only those things for which it is calculated. For example, there was a WGGEAR code, and you could get a level 2 tank and 1000 game gold from it, more or less this code does not give you anything.

what is the bonus code in the word of tanks bonus and where to get it

Where can I get the bonus code in World of tanks?

The developer company often conducts variousEvents and events where the player can get his code. Also, developers care about their players and painted in detail on their official website World of tanks, where to get the bonus code and what you need to do for this. To receive the code, you can also purchase souvenir products of the game, on which a code will be indicated as a pleasant addition, often bonus codes are distributed on various holidays, you can get them in the game or on the official website.

Experienced players have long known how to getbonus code in the World of tanks, without much effort. Often more information about the codes can be found in the forums dedicated to the game, on which experienced gamers share their experience in obtaining bonus codes.

word of tanks bonus code how to get

Sellers of bonus codes

Often new players begin to break the Internet insearches to find out where to get the bonus code World of tanks and stumble upon the websites of scammers selling codes. Usually such sites specialize in the sale of bonus codes. These sites are aimed specifically at beginners who do not fully understand where to get the bonus code in the World of tanks officially. Remember! Game codes are not sold and they can not be bought, but if you find a site that sells bonus codes, then this is a 100% probability of cheating. After buying such an acquisition, you will be charged money, and only the feeling that you have been deceived will remain. The search for services for the sale of cheap bonus codes does not even make sense to start, it will still be a scam service.

Also, you can not enter your account information intoWebsites that require authorization of your account to receive a bonus. In this case, it will not appear, but the account will be stolen. And if the scammers are experienced enough, you can not even restore your account, having lost all your hard earned tanks and titles. So we advise you to use only official sources of bonus codes, indicated on the official website of the developers.

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