How to create a platoon in the World of Tanks and dial people there?

World of Tanks is the most popular anda successful tank simulator of our time. You get a unique opportunity to purchase and pump tanks, which, according to external data and technical characteristics, correspond to the real ones. You can fight on different types of military equipment, using insidious strategies or trying to solve everything yourself. But all the same teamwork is the key to success in this game. However, it is difficult to achieve an understanding in the team, if each time it has other members. Therefore, you may be interested in the function of creating your own platoon, which is analogous to the clan in other computer games. In the clan you will collect reliable and experienced people, on whom you can rely, and already with them will fight against any opponent. But first you need to understand how to create a platoon in the World of Tanks.

Creating a platoon

how to create a platoon in the world of tanks

In fact, you should not worry about thehow to create a platoon in the World of Tanks, since this procedure is extremely simple. The fact is that many gamers simply do not notice the button they need, although they press it almost every day. Creation of the clan is available from the menu, which drops out when you click on the most frequently used button "In battle". Having chosen the item about creating your own platoon, you can give it a name and make it active. Previously, this feature was only available to premium users, so when you wanted to get your own platoon, you had to pay real money. But now everything has changed, and you can use this feature for free. Of course, in some issues the functions will be limited, but this does not greatly affect the process. Now before you will be two tabs - "Invite to the platoon" and directly the "platoon". You already know how to create a platoon in the World of Tanks. Now you need to use the first tab and start replenishing the series.

Invite friends

platoon in world of tanks

The first difference between the premium client and the usualwill be noticeable already at this stage. If you decide to learn how to create a platoon in the World of Tanks, then you will need the participants, and first of all you will call those you know with whom you have already played - naturally, those who are in your friends. This is exactly what the tab "Invite to the platoon" is designed for. There will be a list of your friends, from which you can choose who deserved a place in your platoon. However, it is more convenient to do this when there is a premium account, since you can choose any number of friends, find additional candidates and send them all invitations at the same time. If you have a regular account, you will have to make one invitations. And while the person to whom the invitation was sent, will not accept it or reject it, you can not invite another. So your platoon in the World of Tanks will be replenished slowly, which is not entirely critical - just a little uncomfortable.

Creation of call requirements

world of tanks create platoon

Naturally, if you decided in the World of Tanksto create a platoon, then you hardly expect only your friends. Growth is necessary for everyone, therefore expansion of a platoon is quite standard business. But for this it is necessary to select specific warriors, suitable for your requests. You will be able to formalize them in the requirements for the draft. You can specify and the desired technique, and the minimum percentage of victories, and the minimum number of battles conducted, and much more.

Studying of personal files

If you decide to learn how to make a platoon in the Worldof Tanks, then you will need a lot of effort, as selecting players is a difficult task. Naturally, the call requirements make it much easier, since you will be offered only those players that meet your requirements. But you still have a lot of work to select exactly those you need in the platoon.

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