Historical strategies: interesting games of this genre

Historical strategies are a categorygames, where the user has to manage the state or a certain region during the period of the development of the world, which was chosen as a setting in the project. Developers in each such masterpiece try to make the world diverse, to create for the player a lot of opportunities in terms of development and interaction with the outside world.

Series "Cossacks"

One of the first games in the genre of "strategyhistorical "was the starting part of the series" Cossacks. "This is a project of Ukrainian developers who tells about the history of Europe from the 15th to 18th centuries.To the time of 2017, the line includes three games and became cult in the industry.The gameplay involves building a personal town, castle or even states on a vast map, training the army and constant battles with the enemies.In the campaign mode, the player performs a variety of missions, and in multiplayer, he fights on the map with real users.The strategic component includes the terrain relief the classification of troops and tactics of combat against different types of soldiers in the enemy's army.

historical strategies

Total War Series

If you ask the fan what strategieshistorical are most interesting and remembered by the gameplay, then he will definitely answer: the Total War series. This well-known creation of Creative Assembly studios includes more than ten projects that allow a person to go to many historical periods. Here is the heyday of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, feudal Japan, the powder age, the Napoleonic Wars and much more.

historical strategies for pc

The player chooses a state thatincludes several different cities. They can be developed, build different buildings, increase the loyalty of society, the income from trade, hire an army and many other things. Such historical strategies on the PC are also popular for the ability to manage their own troops in every skirmish, siege or defense of the castle. Each unit has a certain number of soldiers who clearly follow the user's instructions. The gameplay includes many other features. Among them, diplomacy and politics play an important role.

Other famous games

In addition to the two mentioned series, there are othersworthy of historical strategies on the PC. The best of them allow you to deal with diplomacy and war on the global map, as in the Europa Universalis project lineup. It is not possible to control the troops in manual mode, but the realism is achieved at a high level. Winning the world, not counting the steps a few moves further, will be incredibly difficult in the game.

historical strategies on PC best
Strategies of a historical plan such asLionheart: Kings "Crusade, they also have a fantasy component, but they describe an important period in history related to the crusades.In the game, the user will conquer the territories on behalf of the English King Richard, nicknamed the Lionheart.Great card, a lot of tasks, pumping generals and many other aspects are awaited by gamers in this masterpiece, and Stronghold's strategy, where developers equated the real time to the game clock, deserves the user's attention, and it will take more than a week to build a powerful state.

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