How to put smileys in "Twitter": from a to i

So, today we will talk with you about howto put emoticons in "Twitter". It is not so difficult and inexplicable as it might seem at first glance. So let's start to study our today's question as soon as possible.

how to set smilies on Twitter

What is it?

But first, let's see with you what "Twitter" is. Smileys are after all elements of the given object on the Internet. In fact, the site we are considering is a very useful thing.

The thing is that "Twitter" is nothing more than "as a modern social network. However, it is designed more for information exchange, rather than for creating a detailed user questionnaire. In comparison, say, with the same "Facebook" or "Contact", we will have something like an advanced personal blog with a bias towards social networks. In general, very convenient and interesting site. But it's very difficult to express your emotions. It is at this point that users are thinking how to put the emoticons in Twitter. Let's help such people to figure out what's what.


Well, let's start, perhaps, with the mostwidespread, though not very advanced way. In order to implement it, we only need our keyboard from the computer. And a little imagination.

twitter smiles

The whole point is that if you think how to putemoticons in "Twitter", then the simplest combinations can be made up of characters on the keyboard. It can be a banal smile, sadness, crying, surprise and so on. Look this "miracle" will not be very original, but you can express emotions.

Start writing your post, and then to the desiredplace a smiley with the help of the characters on the computer keyboard. For example, the smile will look like "=)", the surprise is "O_o, sadness -" = ("and so on .As you can see, these are pretty primitive options, nevertheless they still use. But let's see with you how set smilies in "Twitter" more complex and cute.


And here is another rather interesting approach. It, as a rule, helps users to make emoticons more beautiful and advanced. In order to insert in your post a more modern smiley, you have to use special sites.

On such hosting you will see readycombinations of characters and symbols. It will be enough to copy them to the clipboard of your computer, and then paste it into the desired place in the message. They will also look black, but nevertheless, now you will have the opportunity, for example, to contemplate a small emotional cast or some other creature made up of signs on the keyboard.

Honestly, now you know how to putSmileys in "Twitter" in two ways. They are, as a rule, sufficient for the average user. Nevertheless, there is another rather interesting approach. It is he who helps to insert expanded, bright and original emotions into posts.


Let's now learn how to put bright and beautiful emoticons in "Twitter". The codes will help you with this. What is it about? Let's try to understand.

smileys on Twitter

The thing is that any virtual emotion,Presented by a graphic file, has its own codification. So if you recognize it, then insert it into your post, then the smile will automatically re-enter your message. In order to get the necessary combination, there are specialized hosting. Say, "Smilies in Twitter."

Visit this page. On it you will see a huge catalog of various emotions, represented by small colored pictures. Select the smile you want, and then click on it. At the top of the window, the image is duplicated, and the text "Copy the code to the clipboard" appears next to it. Click on it, and then move to "Twitter". Write a post, and then paste the copied combination into the message. You can publish what you've written. That's all. Now you know how to put the emoticons in Twitter.

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