How to change the password in World of Tanks and how to recover the forgotten one?

In WoT, as in any other multiplayergame, you have to worry about the security of your account. The fact is that many gamers put in the game as a lot of effort and time, and not less money. Accordingly, the loss of an account due to hacking can be very distressing, which means that you need to protect it properly. And sometimes for this you will need the ability to change the password, of which not everyone knows. Therefore, this article will tell you how to change the password in World of Tanks.

Change of password in the personal account

how to change password in world of tanks

If you decide that your account is in dangerhacking, then you should know how to change the password in World of Tanks. Perhaps you understand that your password is too simple, accordingly, your account is attractive to hackers. Or you already suspect that you could be hacked - then you need to change your password as soon as possible so that attackers can not do anything with your account. Fortunately, this is done very simply - with the help of a personal cabinet. You just authorize and go into it. And you will immediately see a button that will allow you to change your password.

But at the same time you should understand that changing the passwordwill require you to confirm that you are the owner of the account - this is done to protect against intruders who might have broken into an account, change their password and assign it to themselves. A letter will be sent to the mailbox you used when registering. It will tell you that your account is trying to change the password, and if you do it, then you need to confirm it. Go to the specified link and change your old password to a new one. That's not the most difficult process. And now you know how to change the password in World of Tanks.

Access recovery

world of tanks change password

There is another reason why you canwanting to change the password is the loss of the old key that you used. There is a slightly different scheme of how to change the password in World of Tanks. Given the fact that you can not get into your personal account, if you forget your password, you will have to use the recovery page on the official website of the game. You will again be asked to enter the email address to which you registered your account, and then a letter will come with a link to change the forgotten key. As you can see, in the World of Tanks you can change the password only if you have access to the mailbox.

Enhanced protection

world of tanks recover password

If you think that one mailbox inas a system of protection against hacking is not enough, then you can use an additional layer of protection. You can bind your account not only to the box, but also to your mobile phone. Then, in order to restore the password or change it in World of Tanks, you will not only need to follow the link in your mailbox, but also enter the code that will come to you in the SMS message. This way you can set maximum protection for your account.

Loss of control over mail or phone

In life, sometimes there are situations in which youyou can, for example, lose your mobile phone or permanently forget the password from the mailbox. Then you will not be able to access your WoT account or at least to the means of changing and recovering the password. However, almost any situation can be solved by contacting the support service both in the game itself and in the postal service that you use. If you are actually the initial creator of the box, then you will be able to restore access to it, and from this you can access the game account. As for the loss of mobile, you can always change the number to which your account is affiliated through technical support when providing sufficient information about yourself.

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