Why is World of Tanks not updated? Solution

Most of the male population of the CIS countriesserved in the army. For some, it was a happy time for which they became real men, for others, boredom is mortal. It was for the first and was created the game World of Tanks, in which you can manage all kinds ofMilitary land equipment, including even the most modern tanks. However, it is not always possible to enjoy the game. In some cases, an update error occurs. This article explains the problem of why World of Tanks are not updated.

A few words about World of Tanks

world of tanks is not updated

It's a game in which you can feel yourselfsoldier of one of the many countries that participated in the Second World War. In the gameplay there is a flexible game currency, which you can earn yourself, playing a lot of matches for a day or converting real money into it. In addition to the USSR, you can also play for other countries, including Germany, Japan, America and England.

Everyone decides what type of military equipmentsuits most, whether it is artillery, assault tanks or heavy, but resistant ACS. All tanks are well balanced, and the interface is understandable even for the beginner, because of what the game has gained such popularity around the world and is cyberdiscipline.

Many people who play in the World of Tanks are not advanced userslevel, defining an error only on the system log, so in this article we will try to tell why World of Tanks is not updated, as well as about the most common problems that can meet any player.

Why is World of Tanks not updated, crashes?

not updated game world of tanks

Among the many problems associated with installing an update for World of Tanks, allocate the main, due to a lack of space on the hard drive or its wear and tear. Hard disk though has a long enough period of operation, but all the same is short-lived.

Also highlight the following problems, as well as their solution:

  1. There is no stable Internet connection. Contact the provider who provides the Internet connection. In the support service, they will solve your problem as soon as possible.
  2. World of Tanks is not updated due to a failure to install or update. The problem is solved by cleaning the Updates folder in the root directory of the game.
  3. The hard disk is damaged. Try to clean it or replace it with a new one, because some of the viruses can damage the media.

Recommendations on the problem of why World of Tanks is not being updated

world of tanks is not updated crashes

World of Tanks does not stand still, constantlyupdated. Thus, the game becomes a little better for new computers, moving away from the old ones. If the previous suggested options did not help and do not update the game World of Tanks, then the reason, most likely, lies in the computer components.

The cause of the failure of the update can be brokena network card, corrupted RAM or, in general, all the hardware of a computer. If the update was successful, but the game crashes with a blue screen, then the problem is with a video card that either does not support new versions of DirectX, or is physically damaged. A characteristic property of the physical damage is the "artifacts" - these are various interference on the screen, distorted text, etc.

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