How to create a channel on "Youtube" and attract attention of users to it?

"Youtube" is the largest video hosting in the world. On this service, any user can download and view the video, and also exchange it with other people and even create their own channels. The daily audience of the service is more than 800 million people. Every minute, about 72 hours of video are uploaded to the hosting, and the number of daily views exceeds 4 billion. So if you want to share an interesting video or present your product, then take a closer look at this service. In this article we will talk about how to create a channel on "Youtube" and draw attention to it.

Business Opportunities

This video hosting is a very good tool forbusiness. With its help you can attract your target audience to your products (or services), demonstrate your abilities, share information, conduct trainings and master classes, receive feedback from customers, find new partners, clients, etc.

create a channel on YouTube

How to create a new channel on "Youtube"?

The procedure is quite simple. To begin with, you need to open a mailbox on, inventing your login, password and filling out a questionnaire. Since the Google company introduced a single account policy, after registration, it will act on all related resources. So how do you create a channel on "Youtube"? First you need to go to this service. Then we look for the button "my channel" and click on it. Youtube will offer to open the channel. After receiving your consent, you will redirect to the settings section, which you can change or leave as is. Then you will receive a message about adding a channel to your account. In short, that's all.

create a new channel on YouTube

How to attract users' attention?

As you can see, creating a channel on "Youtube" is not a problem. The most difficult thing is to attract attention to it, because there are a lot of videos on this hosting. What can be done in terms of channel optimization?

1. Registration. In the appearance of the channel must necessarily be brand elements: banner, logo and background image (unique). Correctly fill the "About the channel" section, group the content by themes (playlists). Structured information is very easy to find, and this will create a greater user experience for your page.

2. Video strategy. The content of the videos is of great importance. They should contain a meaning for the target audience. But do not stop on the same type of rollers. You can not only present the product itself, but also answer questions from consumers, arrange a master class, make a news review, etc. Thus, professionals who know exactly how to create a channel on "Youtube" and attract attention to it act.

create a channel on YouTube for free

3. Annotations. Very useful feature on Youtube. With their help, you can insert into the video a link to your other videos, suggest subscribing to a channel, etc.

4. Tagging. For each uploaded video, you need to set up keywords (tags) by which potential customers can find your content in the search bar.

Now you know how to create a channel on "Youtube" for free. It will only need to invest your own time.

And finally: we advise you not to be afraid to make a video. It is not necessary to make it professional. The most important is a good idea!

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