Solve the problem: how to translate the experience into the World of Tanks

At the end of each battle, the player receives a rewardsilver and experience points. The latter is simply necessary for research with tanks and modules. Only five percent of all earned points become "free". And what if it is not enough? Today we will cover this topic in detail and tell you how to translate the experience into World of Tanks (Blitz). Thanks to a few simple actions, any player will be able to significantly increase their stocks of points.

How to translate experience into the World of Tanks

How to translate the experience in the game World of Tanks

The transfer button is located in the main menu, on theit shows the number of points earned at the moment. After its activation, a special window appears with a detailed list of all elite tanks. Before translating the experience into the World of Tanks, you must tick all the necessary pieces of equipment.

Consider further actions on a specificexample of the model of the elite tank A-20. How in the World of Tanks to translate the experience, which is equal to 3905 points? Recall that we turn it from "elite" to "free."

We tick off the aforementioned tank and indicatethe required number of points in the "Transfer Experience" tab. Click on it with the mouse button. It is worth remembering that gold is required for the transfer. One such coin equals twenty-five points. Suppose that we need to turn a hundred units of "elite" experience into a "free" experience - we will spend four coins on this. For a thousand points - forty, and so on. At the beginning of the game at the expense of each player is listed 100 gold coins - a gift from the development team.

World of Tanks blitz how to translate the experience

After clicking the "Translation" button on the screenA confirmation window is displayed. Done! Selected points from elite tanks became "free". Such an easy way will help to solve the problem of how to translate the experience into World of Tanks.

What to spend free experience on

Tanks, whose level has reached the mark of 10, are boughtin fairly good condition. What can not be said about the technique of a lower level. To bring the tank to the top it is necessary to invest in research and purchase of credits for modules. For this, there is a "free" experience. Of course, you can learn the technique at no cost, but the stock state is a dubious pleasure.

Thanks to the "free" experience can be avoidedbattles on defective machines. If you do not want to waste time on a certain tank, you can easily skip it and go to the next in the list. It is worth saying that the number of points required for such an operation is significantly different from the standard one.

World of Tanks game how to translate the experience

Can I buy it?

You can not buy experience, but you can buyspecial gold coins, mentioned earlier. There are many ways to get free gold - both honest and dishonest. Making a purchase in the official in-game store - this is perhaps the most proven of all options.

For gold, you can buy elite models of tanks,which are called "premium". This technique is the elite by default. The experience that it earns in one battle is several times greater than that of linear tanks. The transfer of ten thousand points will require sixteen dollars (or 550 rubles).

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