What does KIPiA do? Decoding explains a lot

Modern production is impossible to imaginewithout instruments and sensors. And in the residential sector can not do without counters for water, heat and electricity. Who makes these useful adaptations, if necessary? Who follows their work?

kipia decryption

What is instrumentation and automation?

"Larchik" is opened simply: Instrumentation and control instrumentation and automation. Department of Instrumentation (decoding above), more precisely, a service with this name is responsible for the operability of the entire instrument system in the enterprise. Tools for accounting electricity and gasoline, automatic valves, flowmeters, other controls - all this is in charge of the "Kipov".

What does a fitter in instrumentation

Locksmith-kipovets is a repair specialistsimple and complex, conventional and electronic metering and control devices. Who can practice Om's law in practice except for an electrician? Samples of knowledge of the laws of physics - employees of the automation and setup of various devices. The engineer or the fitter of the instrumentation and automation is able to cope with the start-up of production. The decipherment of this word is known to everyone who is connected with automation.

Where do instrument experts come from?

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Only professionals with a professionaleducation and experience are recruited to the department of instrumentation and automation. The interpretation of the testimony of control devices of a large enterprise can tell a knowledgeable person about the scale of trade, for example, oil or electric current. It is necessary to refuse one of the devices - losses are inevitable, up to the stop of the enterprise.

After graduating from college with a degree inappropriate name, a graduate can be useful in any of the industries. Automation systems are used in oil refineries and in the railway sector, in heavy machinery and in factories that produce food.

From the department of instrumentation and automation depends on the speedyelimination of unforeseen and emergency situations. Repair and maintenance of pumps, conveyors, electric motors and pneumatic valves are the responsibility of the service of the instrument technicians.

What can the instrumentation department

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The main duty of employees is toautomation of production technologies. This applies to both new enterprises and those that have undergone modernization and reconstruction. All can be highly qualified specialists of the departments of instrumentation and automation: they are able to decipher any complex circuits, restore and adjust any system. With a comprehensive approach to work, the service is based on three areas:

  • on automation of electric drives;
  • on the development of ACS software for users of the system;
  • on automation of technologies.

The specialists of the department provide fulltechnical service and supervision of the operation of control devices and systems. Umeltsy-kipovtsy not only know how their devices operate, but also professionally can deal with any problem with sensors and meters.

Who is the chief specialist in the department

engineer kipia decryption
Undoubtedly, the department associated with thedebugging, setting up and running monitoring and control systems, there must be a chief experienced and knowledgeable specialist. Only a person who knows the basics of cybernetics and computer technology, methods and means of management, familiar with functional and production units, can cope with such a position as an engineer of instrumentation and automation. The decipherment of his duties in this rank is as follows:

  • Design and implementation of computer control systems with the use of modern means of communication and communications.
  • Preparation of relevant data for the design and development of working and technical projects.
  • Task setting for the personnel of the department of instrumentation and automation, decoding of details of all job descriptions.
  • Development of technological schemes for the tasks of automated control systems, taking into account the organizational and technical support of all subsystems.
  • Preparation of technical documentation, instructions and methodologies related to the use of information management systems.
  • Implementation of supervision and periodic monitoring of documentation.
  • Investigation of the causes of violations and failures in the system and the decision to prevent and eliminate these shortcomings.
  • Participation in the training of employees of the company's divisions working with data of automatic control systems.
  • Establishment of the process of preparation of relevant documentation.
  • Responsibility for the timely decryption of data processed by computer technology.

No modern production is ableto cope with the amount of work without monitoring the process of automatic measuring devices. In accordance with the requirements of the time, for obtaining the best results, the departments of instrumentation and automation are equipped with qualified personnel capable of ensuring the smooth functioning of the most important systems of the enterprise.

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