What can you earn money on the Internet? Six ways

What can you earn money on the Internet? Very often this is the question asked by people who are looking for work-earnings or planning to completely go into freelancing. This article will tell you about how you can make money online.

how quickly you can earn money

Copywriting (writing articles)

This method for those who know how to present wellown thoughts or retell read in your own words. For many, this option will seem simple, but in fact it is very laborious work. At the initial stage, you will have to work hard and hard. The easiest way to start with content exchanges such as Advego, ETXT, etc. There you can write articles for sale or collaborate with text customers.

Website creation

This is one of the most popular answers to the question: "How can you make money on the Internet?" There are many stories about how even schoolchildren, when they created their site, became millionaires. For example, 14-year-old Ashley Coles has opened for her peers a site with teaching materials on graphics and HTML. Due to the in-demand topic, its attendance grew in a short time and reached a figure of 1 million people. This is noticed by advertisers. And now the site annually brings Ashley several million dollars.

how you can earn money

Forex trading

This is a very exciting and profitable activity. But it requires good theoretical training to create a profitable trading system. The level of profit depends on the skills of the trader and the size of the deposit. On average, this is about $ 30,000 per year. With such incomes, you do not even have to think about how you can make money on the Internet. But to achieve such results, it will take at least a couple of years of hard work. For those who are not ready to devote their time to Forex, there is an alternative. And this…


The essence of this method in the transfer of your fundstrader for trust management. And he must have experience and qualifications. The ideal option is to find such a trader through friends. If this is not possible, then experts from reliable companies with many years of experience will be suitable. The PAMM account has both plus and minus. On the one hand, there is no need to delve into the nuances of trade, and on the other, the profitability is reduced due to the payment of specialist services.

what can you earn money on?

Filling in profiles

For completing the questionnaires, as a rule, they pay a little. Only 1-1,5 $. Usually such surveys are conducted by large marketing companies. It is easy to calculate that if you fill out one form daily, the monthly income will be 30-45 $. This is enough only to pay for the Internet or cellular communications. Therefore, this option can only be considered as part-time work.

EBay Auction

This method will suit those who ask a question: "How fast can I earn money on the Internet?" And, indeed, in order to trade on an online auction, no specialized knowledge is required. There, purchases and sales take place in the same way as in real life. Directions for earning two:

1. It is cheap to buy goods that are not in demand abroad, and sell it at home.

2. Sell to foreigners something that can not be bought in their country in the store, but in ours is sold at every corner and inexpensive.

Now you know what you can make money on the Internet. It remains only to choose a suitable method for yourself.

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