Filmography Donnie Yena. Biography, interesting facts from the life of a famous actor and director

Actor, film director, stunt man andproducer Donnie Yong is known to the whole world thanks to the actor's game in a number of famous fighters. The immense talent of this man won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. In this article, we will try to touch upon the most interesting facts from the life of a movie actor.

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Birth and childhood

Donnie Yong was born in 1963, on July 27, inChina, in the province of Guangzhou (Canton). In his hometown, the future actor did not live long - 2 years. Parents decided to move to the very heart of China - Hong Kong.

It should be said that Donnie's mom is professionallyengaged in Wushu and archery. His father earned his living by working as an editor in a local newspaper. It is rumored that Eena's mother wanted to open her own school, in which she would teach the children the style of Taijiquan. But the local mafia actively opposed the plans of the woman.

Realizing that in Hong Kong, they do not shine, the familyagain decides to change his place of residence to Boston. It is in this city that Mother Donnie manages to realize her dream. Her school, the Chinese Wushu Research Institute, has won recognition not only in Boston, but throughout America.

Donnie and Wushu

Donnie Yong, whose filmography interestsmany, began to engage in wushu in his mother's school. Parents celebrated in it the love of martial arts from early childhood. And "blessed" him for practicing wushu films that demonstrate the style of kung fu. It was in the fragments of the famous paintings that he searched for new tricks, and then embodied them in life in training. He was looking for inspiration in Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

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Bad period in life

Donnie Yong, the filmography and biography of whichdescribed in detail in our article, becomes a permanent member of the "Battle Zone" - this is the place known in Boston where battles without rules are held regularly. Then fate brings him to the representatives of the Triad, who take the young soldier under his wing. Here Donny's life turns upside down. Girls, alcohol, drugs, disassembly become the main occupations in the life of the future actor. If it were not for Donnie's mother who decided to send her son to Beijing, it is not known what would have ended the story.

First successes. Filmography

Donnie Yong in Beijing gets to the Chinese national team forWushu. His coach is the famous Li Yumen. Here the future actor is engaged about 2 years, but fate again disposes of that Donny returns to the United States. At random coincidence, he falls on the casting of the film "Drunken Shaolin Master" in Hong Kong, directed by Yuan Heping. A few minutes after watching the fighting skills of Donnie, Heping decides to take Aena to the main role. To admit, the beginning actor was not easy, because the director was a complicated person. As Donnie himself said: "Heping never explained anything, and when he did not like something, he jumped up from his chair and started screaming." Later, Yong would call the director mediocrity in public.

Subsequently, their working duo becomes friendly. Together with Donnie Heping, he shoots "Tiger Cage", "Drunk Tai Chi", "Taoist Drunkard". After 5 years, the director's tandem and Yena breaks up. Donnie offer a role in the film "Once Upon a Time in China-2". This performance brings the actor fame throughout Hong Kong, and in the future for his participation in the film he receives the award "For Best Actor".

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TV. Filmography

Donnie Yong continues his career by takingparticipation in serials. This time, the actor signs a contract with two well-known projects. Next, Donnie tries himself in directing. He is engaged in filming a series called "The Legend of the Wolf" and "Kisses of the Bullet". It is his last work that allows Donnie Yong (the filmography of which is described in detail in our article) to receive the "Best Director's Debut" award.

There he meets Stephen Sigal, whoproposes to become a young talent director of his film. But the producers of the picture explain to Segal that they would never trust a project worth $ 48 million to a newcomer.

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Personal life and own opinion

Donnie Yong (films with his participation are known to manyfans of militants) is a rather scandalous person who does not hesitate about her frank statements about other famous directors. For example, Tsui Harka he considers "henpecked" because of his excessive matrimonial obedience, and Heping is a real lack of talent. Preference Donnie gives Michael Bayu, as well as the movie "Rock", "Armageddon" and "Blade."

The actor is known for his participation in the paintings "Blade 2", "God of the players", "All is well that ends well", "Highlander: the end of the game", "Hero", "Shanghai Knights", etc.

What other films will be replenished with his filmography? Donnie Yen starred in a new tape called "Star Wars: Outcast" and "Ip Man 3D." Pictures will be available in 2016.

Personal life of the actor and director

The audience is interested not only in Donnie's filmographyEna, but also the personal life of the actor. The director of many fighters is married to the Chinese actress Cecilia Sissi Van. Young people registered their relationship in 2003. It should be noted that Cecilia is "the most beautiful Chinese woman living in Toronto". Donny has a son and daughter.

We wish the actor good luck in his endeavors!

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