Vadim Zallati: Biography and Creativity

Vadim Ramazanovich Zallati is a famous and charismatic actor of cinema and theater, and also a great reader. He loves to travel and soul company, where you can always play the guitar and sing a little.

The birth of an actor

Vadim Tsallati was born on June 17, 1976 in North Ossetia. The city of his childhood is Digora. It is known that the charming actor is a descendant of the ancient and famous Ossetian race.

Family legend of their kind says that great-grandfatherfamous actor was able to survive during the plague. Babat Zallati tried to hide from the plague in his ancestral castle, which was built in the fourteenth century. Now this castle belongs to Vadim and rises on a high rock in Ossetia.

Hobbies of the actor

In his early childhood, Vadim Zallati was very fond of singing. But he never professionally studied music and did not even go to music school. But in the school years he tried to organize his own musical collective.

But they not only rehearsed, more often all the rehearsals were fun and creative, as they constantly sang something, and most importantly, composed.

Vadim Zallati

Passion for poetry Vadim Zallati camealmost from birth. The father of a young and talented actor himself loved poetry and tried to convey this love to his son. According to the recollections of the actor himself, during childhood and school years he did not even think about becoming an actor, but his father constantly forced his son to learn poems by heart. As soon as Vadim learned a new poem to listen to his son, Ramazan placed a chair right in the middle of the room and listened as his heir reads. And now, becoming an adult and successful, Vadim Zallati remembers with gratitude his father. He believes that the well-being that he has for today, he owes much to his father.

Cinematographic career

After graduation, Vadim Zallati, filmswhich are interesting to the audience, did not even think about becoming an actor. He enters the Institute at the Veterinary Department. But he could not finish it. Already in the second year of training his friend Anton Togoev, the actor, persuaded that the future famous artist would drop the institute and enter the theater educational institution.

Vadim Zallati was lucky, as he successfully passedEntrance examinations and became a student at the Shchukin school. Then, in 1998, he falls on the course of Yuri Avsharov. All classmates actor Zallati found themselves in the acting profession. This happened with the graduate of the theatrical school of 2003 Vadim Ramazanovich Zallati.

After school, Vadim goes to work in the theater, but he only worked for Taganka for one year. Since 2010, for three years, he performs on the stage of the theater "Ibrus".

In the movies, young actor Vadim Zallati becameto be photographed at a time when he was a student. But only at first his roles were only episodic. Most often he had to play criminals. But a few years later the young and talented actor was noticed and began to be invited to the main roles, but only always bandits. However, Vadim manages to create personalities even from these negative images.

Vadim Zallati, movies

The audience remembered the young actor on differentroles, but especially the role of Beria in the film "Cliffs. A Song of Long Life ", filmed in 2006. But the biggest popularity brought him shooting in the comedy television series "Interns". For today in a cinematographic piggy bank of the young actor already more than twenty films.

Vadim Zallati, personal life

Vadim Zallati: personal life

To date, while young and talentedactor Vadim Ramazanovich Zallati is not married and has never been. He has no children, either. The actor likes to spend his free time either with friends in a pleasant and sincere company, or on travel. He has already visited many countries, although most of these trips are related to his work.

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