The film "Balabol": actors and roles

Today we will talk about the film "Balabol". Actors and roles will be given below. We are talking about the Russian picture in 2013. The screenwriters of the tape were made by Nikita Evgan and Andrei Shishov.


balabol actors
First, let's look at the topic "Balabol". Actors will be presented further.

Each two series of paintings show a separatea story in which a "lone wolf", a brave provincial opera with the name Sanya unravels crimes that, in his colleagues' opinion, are hopeless. Detective component is the basis of every story, but inside the plot one can see a clash of characters of actors, family affairs, as well as changes that occur with each of the characters during the development of the storyline.

The picture shows how it makes people worse by turning intoa true professional, Karandyshev - trainee nicknamed Grasshopper. The daughter of the protagonist Masha tries to win the attention and love of his father. He, in turn, tries to understand the feelings that he feels for his ex-wife.

Main actors

balabol actors and roles
Chief Inspector of Criminal Investigation, Captainpolice Sanya Balabin and his colleague Nikolai Gribanov are the main characters of the film "Balabol". Actors Konstantin Yushkevich and Vadim Andreev embodied these images. Maria Pirogova was remembered by the audience as the daughter of Sani - Masha Balabina.

Other characters

Trainee-trainee Vasily Karandyshev and Germanbusinessman Hugo Marcus also appear in the plot of the film "Balabol". Actors Vadim Dorofeev and Alexander Talal embodied these images. Ivan Agapov received the role of forensic expert Sergei Yanovich Brumel. Lieutenant Colonel Varvara Postysheva Postysheva and wife Sani - Lena Balabina - two memorable female images, which are also present in the plot of the film "Balabol". Actors Inga Oboldin and Nizin Irina played these roles. Eugene Miller appeared in the film as Vadim Grushnitsky.

Andrei Lebedev played Tolya - Lena's boyfriendBalabina. Margarita Isachenko won the role of Olga Sevastyanova. Alexei Mikhailov played Gennady Vasilyevich Plevako - Balabin's neighbor. Kirill Boltaev got the role of kidnapper Kostyan. Alexander Vershinin played the captain from the military registration and enlistment office of Vladimir Krasilnikov. Anastasia Sorokina embodied the image of Violetta. Dmitry Mazurov played Ivan. Sergei Neudachin got the role of Siply's boss. Alexey Shemes embodied the image of a bandit named Taras.

Gosha Kutsenko appeared in the picture as ValentinBystritsky. Alexander Samoilov embodied the image of Mikhail Ivanovich Balabin - Father Sani. Timur Efremenkov played his namesake by the name of Nurgaev. Vladimir Shiryaev appeared on the screen as Andrei Chikashin. Elena Lyubimova played a post employee. Olga Dibtseva was remembered by the audience as Christina. Sergei Bachursky played Kesha. Igor Kalistratov got the role of Sidor. Anatoly Gushchin embodied the image of Cyril Arkhipov. Igor Kistol got the role of Vitaly Zimyanin.

Alexander Serov-Ostankinsky played Prishlepka. Cyril of Grazinsky embodied the image of Lesha Smirnov, a relative of Lena Balabina. Vladimir Khrabrov was remembered by the audience as an American collector Richard. Oleg Zima played Boris Benediktov. Oleg Chevelev got the role of Zavyal. Constantine Topolaga played Mikhey. Igor Starosel'tsev embodied the image of Stepan Ignatievich Karandyshev - Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Father Vasily. Sergei Kagakov played the deputy bank manager Vitaly Pavlovich Kreymer.

Interesting Facts

film balabol actors
Now let's give some interesting information aboutthe film "Balabol". The actors were represented above. This is a picture consisting of 16 series. The genre of the film can be called an ironic detective. The film was directed by Vladimir Melnik. Producers: Mikhail Sokolov and Rauf Atamalibekov. Music - Ilya Truskovsky. Painter - Sergey Danilov.

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